Deadly weapons

Despite numerous media reports, it is extremely questionable whether the idea of suicide wastes with explosives in breast implants has already been implemented in the reality

What the Daily Mail on 30. January reported, was also an attention vocomaciously explosive: Agent of British secret service MI5, so the leaf, had found in observation of Arab sites that Islamists react to the plan to the use of nude scanners with discussions about the accommodation of explosives in and not on the body.

The newspaper quoted a not named "important source" With the segregation that manner had to reveal the explosives for such purposes into the abdomen or in the back bakes, while women were able to manage him like a breast implant. To what extent an accommodation in the rear baking with long seats in airplanes or ineak go to control points was not further problematized by the Daily Mail.

Deadly Weapons

In Doris Wishmans movie "Deadly Weapons" Totet Chesty Morgan with her breasts

Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily (WND) not only reached the Daily Mail Message, but complained with additional allegations: Thereafter, Al-Qaeda already turned on the breast implant method. In which fall this should have been concrete the case, the leaf open, but illustrating the message with a photo of the palastic suicide hull anterior IAT Alacharas, which blasted in a supermarket in Kiryat Yovel in the air. However, Alacharas did not wear the explosive in her bosom, but hidden in her handbag.

In addition, informed World Net Daily, that trained in English clinics from strangers of foreign countries have been waiting to plant new terrorists explosives. Bellows and baked, so WND, therefore, are allegedly suitable for it especially because diabetics inject insulin, which is why the tonded of the underpants bomber bombing nitropenta by a syringe with acetone peroxide does not stress further. Further, the newspaper wanted to learn that the MI5 boss Jonathan Evans has set up a special workgroup, which should examine the threat resulting from such methods.

Even though World Net Daily Among other things, Jerome Corsi, who made a name for itself through several spectacular false reports, not only revealed the image newspaper, but numerous other media the message in their extended WND variant. One of Picture online under the assertion that the method has already been used, the link is set only to overview to terrorism. None of which there is evidence that explosives could have been deposited in a breast.

However, last year in Jidda, an assassination of Saudi Prince Mohammed was Naif, before the suicide lame probably a pound of explosives over the anus in the colon imported imports. However, the stop was not planned: Although the explosion tore the Attenna and a hole in the ground, but injured the princes but only slightly.

For British authorities, they have not responded to confirmation pounds. It is not only at the WND variant of the notification of a lot of strangers: for example, that does not actually state MI6, but the domestic intelligence service MI5 around the cause. Also, the question, based on which criteria one differentiates in the two services between concrete planning and totaby jokes, remained unanswered despite the coincidence.

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