Dangerous triple hoops

France wants to operate a praventive crime fighting and remembering criminal offenses from three years in the watchful eye

During Prime Premier Villepin, stubborn for his unloved polling contract (CPE) (first victim of police violence?) And probably his personal political survival fights, tinkles the busy NR.2 of the Government, Interior Minister Sarkozy, at a law on crime project, which also provides for some displeasure in the election folk.

The legislative project is committed to an expertise of the otherwise highly respected national health research institute Inserm, in the padagogues, psychologists and youth judges Orwell’s dressing places. Under the title "Conductors in Children and Adolescents", this expertise "disobedience and feelings" recommended in the lovely little as soon as possible to make Dingfest to accommodate any criminal career. With the creation of a "Beagle Offe" (Carnet de Comportement) from birth, the Minister of the Interior now wants to face the French children under a stable professional observation, so as to make "trival, childlike behaviors". According to the Minister of the Interior, namely, childlike stders developed frequently to youthful criminal offenses.

Studies show that a majority of adults who have antisocial personality has already become progressive. Conversely, for example, the half of the adolescents developed that behavioral scans revealed, an antisocial personality in adulthood.

Excerpt from the INSERM expertise

School physicians, kindergarten carers and teachers therefore take advantage of the following "pathological symptomatics" for infants, which the institute has identified as a leader of tangible behavioral scans:

Fool Cold, tendency for manipulation, cynicism, aggressiveness, disforestation, lack of emotional self-control, impetus, hyperactivity and low morality indications.

These are alarm signs, which allegedly predicted a fine tendency to forecource. To defend potential, the expertise therefore recommends that children already undergo psychological and medical tests with 36 months, which should then be repeated regularly. Also on a possible inheritability of behavioral scans is pointed out. Whether this could mean that the "experts" now also the parents of the Storenfriede should keep an eye on, will not be mentioned.

Toddlers, which had the above "abexities", should then be subjected to psychotherapy and / or re-education to prevent a "negative evolution of symptomatics". From 6 years one can then use medicines, psychostimulators and thyme regulators to come to meet especially renitent. A practice that uses more and more space already in France, but also in Germany and especially the USA, more and more space.

Thus, the pharmaconzern Novartis indicates that 2001 already 7.000 French children under stable treatment with "Ritalin" stood, a drug prescribed in hyperactivity. Beautiful new world, in which many a healthy childhood move risked as a disease to be diagnosed? In any case, 2% of 5 to 19-year suffer from the Inserm, under what is classified by physicians as hyperactivity.

Hyperactive politicians vs. Pre-sustained erasing rubber

In any case, a clear case of political hyperactivity constitutes Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, which now also intervenes in the affairs of the Ministry of Education and with a continuously conducted "Beagle Heft" over the mental and social development of children wake up. Like the INSERM SAKOZY suspects a "often existing" causal context between behavioral odds and "15-year-old jerk offices", which you have already had to take in the ordinal hand. However, teachers and supervisors are not trained for the presentation of a deviant childhood behavior. For this purpose, mother and child protection and lives should use school medicine psychologists and social workers to make a "closed chain of alertness".

The floating obstruction of the planned "exit office" should then help school physicians and platforms to be able to draw a regular developmental account of the child, with the obviously educated interior minister also the age of 3 and 6 years of opportune appearing. Possible worries about data protection, the minister is immediately previously:

I do not want to overlook problem kids on behalf of the freedom yourself. The top freedom is access to a normal life.

Something different sees the nature of the left opposition, which nursery caregivers and teachership see if such control transformations for the prolonged arm of the police. Or as a socialist MP formulated in front of the Parliament:

If a three-year-old child who has stirred a river, then with 10 as a jerk down, because it stole a eraser?

For the government, of course, the intended crime addiction is neither an instrumentation of the supervisors and physicians, nor to an attempt to create a database of all children, but simply and simply the offer of assistance for behavioral problem kids, with which society is no longer cuper.

Note zero

The INSERM expertise and the legal plan for a praventive crime evaluation also ensure psychologists, platforms, youth judges, lawsold and worried parents for some swirls. For several weeks, the petition has been enjoying no zero broadcasters for three-yearly an unexpected rough signature. Uber 140 000 signatures have been recorded so far what means about 5,000 signatures per day. According to the daily newspaper Liberation, one has not seen such a burgeral participation in the field of health care since the fight for the right to abortion.

In the text of the petition u.a. The unspoken desire for a formatting and medicalization of the children, which could lead to a prematurary form of drug dependence, recommends the INSERM the use of psychotropic aca already from 6 years. In addition, the controversial expertise has not made a clearly defined difference between social conditional discomfort and tangible mental disorders. Last Wednesday, the controversial recommendations of the expertise were at least a few thousand demonstrators on the road. The mistrust, which is obviously the current bourgeois government is apparently for young people, thus also stobsts on increasing resistance.

Whether so much criticism, the superman in turn is the weir and relies on Angelsachsian models that had already demonstrated their praventive efficiency. The internationally applicable definitions of behavioral scans in children and adolescents, however, are not free of ambivalences, as the institute then prematurates. In addition, the behavioral events mentioned in the study were only below if the symptomatics "repeated and long-lasting".

The British Ministry of the Interior is expected to be commissioned in 2004 a "Crime Reduction Review", which also recommends to observe all kindergarten children from 3 years in order to be able to make potential offensters already in their infancy, with the criminal prehistory of parents a role should play (pravention is also announced in crime fighting). However, the British methods are not directly transferable to French relations, as the Health Research Institute of Inserm. First, the definitions of behaviencies used on the other side of the Armelanal can evaluate.

Scientifically advised way in totalitarianism?

In a Le-mone commentary to the prevailing safety spirit, two prasides of ethical committees, who speak of a national ethics committee, the other of just that superself,. The currently discussed approaches for a crime project are expression of a positive and deterministic view of science and research, as they already in the end of the 19. and in the beginning of the 20. For centuries in circulation. In the end, she has embarked on the way in totalitarianism:

Is about helping a hose child, or above all, to protect the collectivitat from the danger that the child could one day for society?

Those children who have been identified as a possible future security risk with the help of "scientific" tests risked permanent stigmatization, which is also based on uncertain prediction.

Similar view is the head of the psychiatric children’s division of a Parisian hospital, Bernard Golse, who lives in the Insermal Recommendations the dog in the defective distinction between pravention and prediction. A tendency to the penalty, provided that this is superimposed with certainty predictions, is self-reliable no purely medical, but above all a legal, a crowdographical and sociological problem. Who looks at and treat the youth criminality like a disease, lose sight of the role of the family, school and environment.

Above all, the child psychiatrist is worried about the increasing prescription of psychopharmaca to children. There was so far no long-term studies on the effects of antidepressants, sleeping materials and amphetamines on a brain still under development. But the increasing use of medicines to keep the children potentially powerful, seems inexorably advanced:

In the US, families have been convicted because they had refused to give amphetamins to their children. This was considered as omitted assistance.

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