Csu wants to pick up sander through folk decision in her policy program

CSU wants to pick up sander through folk decision in her policy program

Photo: Bernd Schwabe in Hanover. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Changing could affect the candidate job

Markus Flower, the chairman of the CSU Principle Commission, has the news magazine Focus betray that the guidance of his party wants to advise on proposals this weekend, to record longing of folk decision in their policy program. That Focus-Ie 36/16, which appears on Saturday, quotes a draft of the CSU Principle Commission in which it is said to be: "We want the Basic Law to be changed by the German people on the way from referendum and folk decision with 2/3 majority". This possibility should also be with EU questions "of special scope" give, so that the legitimity of such decisions is initiated.

If the CSU tip blesses the design, he should be presented in November to the party congress. Flower gave against the Focus Confident and exercised the hope that a correspondingly changed policy program "In strong signal for Burgernahe and more burger participation."

Although the CSU now receives the demand – with the above-made restrictions – in your policy program, this does not yet mean that you can prevail the demand in the next government. In the last coalition negotiations, the CSU gave the demand for referendums already used in the election campaign for referendum media reports in order to get Merkel’s approval of a motorway mobility, which is now hurt in Brussel.

People’s tuning opponents Uhl and Merkel

Also among the CSU Bundestag MEPs, this position in the past rushes on resistance: Hans-Peter Uhl still announced in July on a popularity claim of the CSU party chairman Horst Seehofer, for such a thing there was "No majority in the CSU country group." Says Uhl the truth, then the CSU actually had to replace a coarse part of her candidates for the next general election to enforce their position – and the faction community with the CDU, because it is also the majority of the Bundestag administrator against direct democracy. Union confused with positions to popular tuns).

Above all, Angela Merkel is considered one of the most chief opponents of referendums. However, it is still open whether the party with her as Chancellor candidate moves into the election campaign – and if yes, if she supports the CSU or present its own chancellor candidate, if the Union does not agree on Horst Seehofer overall. After the CDU politicians Volker Bouffier, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Ingbert caring in the Frankfurter general newspaper (FAZ) Last week Angela Merkel to the Chancellor’s Candidate 2017, Horst Seehofer spoke of one "Distinctive discussion, which is certainly not guided by the CSU", and confessed, neither he nor Merkel are irreplaceable and first MAN MAN "To vote what you want and then [KONNE] you see what people you can do that".

Union was posted nationwide with separate compete of the CSU

If CDU and CSU are neither on content ies nor at positions, then the CSU was also able to compete nationwide – and thus significantly win mandates. Already in the last October, as a Merkel and the CDU nationwide still with significantly better popularity values were available as now, a determined one of the Focus commissioned representative INSA survey a doubling of the CSU share to 14.5 percent, if the party not only in Bavaria eligible goods, and a decrease of the CDU vote of 27.5 percent nationwide.

Already at that time, the Erfurter Insa boss Hermann Binkert prefers that CDU and CSU were together to come to about 35 percent together at a separate compete together at 42 instead of about 35 percent. In the eleven months thereafter, the Union’s survey share fell in total of 35 to now just just over 30 percent, although the CSU in Bavaria rose from 46 to 47.5 percent at the same time.

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