Crowdfunding complaint against vg word?

Authors do not want "7 or 8 years" Waiting for your scraping

The recovery company Word (VG Word) collects among other among other levies on computer, hard drives, printers, scanners, DVD blanks, USB sticks and copies. But she does not just talk about authors, but also on publishers. Because he considered the funds used for extremely thread appearance, the lawyer Martin Vogel complained against the district court Munchen and got right last month. This judgment took the VG word on the occasion not only the exclusion to the publishers for the time being, but also to the authors.

A procedure that bird is not justified legally nor objectively and should only be used to apply authors against him, because many of them had already planned the regular payments in June and in October or even dependent on it. Therefore, an initiative has been formed on a Yahoo Group, who wants to force the VG word with a lawyer, the authority is not only in "at worst 7 or 8 years" Extensive if an inflation may have been largely evaluated, but now.

The initiative that can be bleeded via e-mail is based on the synchronous workers Ruth Deny and Pierre Peters-Arnolds, but other television and hilluccators, writers and journalists are thoroughs. With a possible coarse number of participants, not only did not only want to keep the costs for the individual, but also a lot of prere on the VG word, so that they soon catch up and do not wait for the disbursement of the authority proportionally provided in June, until the lawsuit Bird went through all instances.

Particularly signatory with 10 to 20 euros, then the Munchner media lawyer Stefan Ventroni is to be commissioned, the demands by legally underpinned letters to the VG word and their supervisory heritals, the German patent and trademark office, asserted. In addition, one is present at present, about which appeal could be enforced. So far, the collection of claims for damages against the VG word was not discussed by the distribution in early years. Because such claim will yield after three years, members had to be spat at least 31. In December 2012, if you do not want to give the publishers do not want to give money from the exclusion of the year 2009.

Actually – so one should mean – goods such an assertion yes task of the union verdi, which is particularly relevant as a representative of authors. [The here from the interview with Irights.Info reproduced allegations of Martin Vogel over Verdi were taken out on the operation of the union (which they are back)]. The judgment obtained by bird concerns potentially not only the VG word, but also other collecting societies – including the GEMA and the VG image art. You too had to stop payments to the publishers for the time being to promote other members unlawful financial damage. To do if you do this, or whether you too the authors in "Mooring" Nobody wants to submit an opinion there until so far.

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