Criticism of schuler-laptop

Teacher Association Assessment of the Minister of Education Bulmahn as "Profiling fingering"

Until 2006, all Schuler should be equipped with a laptop if it is according to the will of the federal education ministry. The ambitious goal should be achieved through new partnership initiatives of business and state. The German Teacher Association criticizes the project and means that the educational meaning of the computer was met.

To equip all the schools with a laptop, is truly an ambitious goal, especially considering that all 44.000 schools should only have Internet access in 2001. It is now that some school really has only one internet access and is the location in the teacher’s room or in the locked area of the library.

When asking the laptop project, the Federal Education Minister was clear that city and communities as a carrier could not raise costs for the purchase. This could only be made by massive support of state and economy. The Federal Government also thinks of improved tax depreciation, so that the school laptop will also be deductible as a special ie. But the tax incentives will hardly contribute to a flat-covered laptop culture, because social scissors are far apart in many areas. In the mind game, it has apparently been forgotten that there are areas with an unemployment share of about 20 percent, where a private contribution to the purchase can not be done.

Josef Kraus, Prasident of the German Teacher Association, criticizes Ms. Bulmahn, she "talk with this technician education perspective of a billion-heavy misinvestment the word rather than make proposals to secure the staff supply of schools". Also critical is the excess of the meaning of the computer in the field of school learning. In the result, in the result of an investigation, the Ohio State University has been investigated, that a textual literacy on the PC screen is obviously more difficult to develop. The reading of texts on the screen has not been retained as a retained, such as reading with incoming printed materials.

Also in the future, according to Kraus, it will not be "Nurberger funnel" given. The computer itself will not achieve better learning outcomes. "School will always take place to the coarse part of the communication teacher schooler and over print media. Therefore, the teacher Schuler-Speaker will remain in the center of school learning." In his demands, Kraus even goes a step further and means that, for example, it is sufficient for a general education school if there is a computer workstation for funf to ten percent of the Schuler.

The laptop approach is still too little differentiated, because the contents of the laptop training have not yet been talked about at all. So Kraus believes that Schuler, who are familiar with the Internet, does not necessarily find itself in a library. Learning has to do something with just-in-time or download Happchen knowledge after his view. Nor yet no distinction in this uberlegung is made which computer-centric content required in the mercantile rule vocational school or elementary school. Throughout this development of the mobile workbook, it is also the fact that laptops are usually only poorly enhanced and significantly more expensive compared to a desktop PC.

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