Criminal complaint against evangelical

Grune see in educational literature with bull recommendation a violation of § 111 StGB

The Lower Sachsian Landtag Group of Grunen has reimbursed criminal charges for evangelical education counselors. Reason for recommendations in the presentation and beeches, which, according to the Group Chairman Miriam Staudte fulfill the facts of § 111 StGB, which prohibits the public request for offenses.

One of the clauses of the ad was the preacher Wilfried Plock. The head of the free global umbrella organization conference for community report (KfG) should have said in a video-cut lecture, among other things, that it "an extra of God-padded place with four letters" Give, on the one "Child children under circumstance" Connal – namely "Also with a rod". A report on the breeding of his own children made because of the deformation of NASHOP "with the stick" He allegedly closed with the words: "That should hurt!"

After the North German Radio Plock made a request, the video chart was removed from the net. In addition, the preacher meant that he now attention to potential criminal consequences of their action and "Let it stop [you] if you want to obey God and the word of the Holy Scripture more than man or not".

In another lecture in Lower Sachsian Garbsen, Plock is said to have recommended the Educator’s parents – shepherds of the hearts that the American Pastor Tedd Tripp wrote and in which is also encouraged to beat children. On a lecture CD council of the mutual schoolgrunds, there is also children in addition to carefully "take off the pants".

The evangelical author Lou priolo also devotes the professional application of the Prugenstrafe in his book of children’s hearts not only pronounced a lot of space, but turns out to catch the rod that the rod "at each child" Application should come for obedience to God and the parents. However, before the prugging one must provide a child, "that it has violated against God’s law" and "that it must be considered [therefore]". Then, so priolo, chamber "positive and building". The same opinion shows John Macarthur in his book Children’s education – we want to do it better. According to him, strike "be painful enough to portray the consequences of the sundes in sufficient way as a shewish and memorable".

Criminal complaint against evangelical

He and other evangelical guide authors justify the alleged necessity of "rod" with Bible locations like Jackets 29:15 ("Rod and punishment gives wisdom; But a boy who is leased himself makes his mother shame") And Approaches 13:24 ("Who protects his rod, he hates his son; Who who likes him, who tugs him soon"To). Of the opinion that the Bible demands properly, the German publishers of the educational councilor only partially.

Also in the German television channel Bible TV, the US preacher Charles Stanley 2009 was recommended that one should not take the hand for the beating of children, but a rod. This sermon has now been deleted by the Internet portal of the transmitter. The Protestant church is also involved in Bible TV (via EKD-Media GmbH). It is treasons that about the half of the 1.3 million German evangelicals is not in Free Churches, but in Protestant Landeskirchen member. However, their leading representatives condemned the well-known parenting board sharp.

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