Criminal claws iphones because of banking

Criminal claws Iphones because of banking

Brazilian media and consumer protection organizations warn new dangers for iPhone users: In the country’s coarse city, it is always more often causing thieves and predators, where criminals steal the Apple device only due to the access data contained therein to bank accounts. The iPhone itself and its hardware value are allegedly less important. The unlocking of the gates succeeds – so at least the reports – apparently with the help of hacker methods.

"Army of hackers"

ProCon-SP, the Ombudsman for consumer rights in the Sud American country, warns in an opinion that there is a group of smartphone-thieves whose illegal major corporation is not to resell the equipment, but to steal passwords for bank fraud. This "With an army of hackers" carried out, so executive director Fernando Capez according to a report of the newspaper Folha, which appears in the 12 million human metropolis Sao Paulo.

Initially, Android devices have been stolen, which are used in cars for navigation – often directly from the car window. Meanwhile, Policeichef Roberto Monteiro said, but also broke into the iOS system, although this is harder: "They specialize in themselves."

Methods still unclear

To the banks to be concerned, the Grobinstitut Itau Unibanco and several Fintech companies. It is still unclear how exactly the criminal action. Apparently, it is mainly iphones with ages operating system versions as well as a total of ages that are still widespread in Brazil. For many models, there are also Jailbreaks, even up to the iPhone 12, if they were not updated. "As soon as the device is unlocked, [the gangsters] can query information to set a new password", An employee of a security company said.

Nevertheless, the mechanism that the gangs use is not finally found – iPhones have been expanded for years with biometric access protection, which often secures bank apps. "There is no 100 percent safe system", said the security expert opposite Folha. The country’s banking association emphasized, the applications are safe and you have "No burglary in our safety" established. However, ITAU UNIBANCO had to find in a case in a case that a customer had an account access. Invest in security tools. "We emphasize that [our applications] are safe and without a personal password that is specific for the respective account can not be used."

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