Crash or cash – the user will be done

The fight for attention in the New Economy takes on Bizarre forms

The Newcomer YOC (Your Opinion Counts) Let users tailor whether a Porsche 911 on Saturday evening in Berlin is to stimulate a five-meter high crane. I notice at all price is the motto of the startup land.

The New Economy has after its disenchantment to the "Brass" Currently to celebrate. Also the parties of the dismissed (red card for the pink-slip party) do not go to them in this country. Those who still venture today as a classic Internet startup on the slippery parquet must come up with a lot to raise the attention of the media and potential customers.

Crash or Cash - the user will be done

At least the creators of the Berlin Startups Yoc, who want to celebrate their start on Saturday with a truly unusual event: The mobile armed humanity should decide if a rivet nailful Porsche 911 just before the day show time at 8 pm from a 50 meter high crane to the Markish sand in Berlin’s center undertaking or saved and raffled.

Yoc stands for "Your Opinion Counts", What is synonymous for the starters "Your will will happen". During the rest of the Internet providers despite all the promises of "Interactivity" The users only seem to make the printer, they are the real decision-makers at Yoc. The startup rounded in December 2000 is aimed at the Hedonist, individualistic and valent young consumers of the Generation @, the "want to enforce your opinion on smart way".

For example, allowing Easy by sending an SMS: Anyone who always wanted to know how it sounds when metal and plastic in the value of 140 000 marks crashed on the ground can be a message with the word "Crash" Send to the number 72 76 8 overs mobile phone. If you prefer the thriller to feed the normal strain life and may even win, sends an SMS with the content "Cash". The number 0178/72 76 800 applies to E-Plus users. The resolution takes place on Saturday at Leipziger Platz, right next to the former Pebian mansion, in which the Federal Council has drawn. After the decision, it’s all about the VIPs in the Techno Club Safe against, where the seen was first digested and buried.

YOC AG hopes a positive image effect from self-stopping. The company wants to win paying customers for their offer, which should mix entertainment and information with personalized shopping opportunities. The startup positions itself as an interface between the consumer industry and the rewarded lifestyle consumer and will continue to develop mood democracy over on and offline media in the future with other experiments.

Numerous other shopping portals like, who wanted to offer the surfer a similarly tailored shopping experience, have already failed. "The young entrepreneurs have not learned nothing and continues to burn their venture capital with full hands for doubtful marketing campaigns", criticizes a scenic recognizer that "Launch event" from Yoc. He has to know it because he’s just one "Explanation" has signed with another startup, where he worked as a marketing expert. However, the party in the safe does not want to miss the young man. ()

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