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Seven theses for the future in German-Polish relations

  1. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Aufemister Frank-Walter Steinmeier are unnecessary for "close and friendly relationships even after the German-Polish showdown on the EU summit" to Poland. This goal sounds honorable, but is wrong and unrealistic at the time of present time, because it sets the wrong signals on both sides of the or.
  2. As the static and targeted affronts of the brother Kaczynski have shown in advance and during the summit, it is fruitless and meaningless, with the opposite Polish government friendly or just normal relations as to other EU partners. A "Continue so" from money transfers in billions of millions, goodwill gestures and payroll in the German side praises the relentless attitude of Warsaw. In the long term, it is certainly not right not to the very good relations to be exaggerated to Poland, because it encourages the hardliners in Warsaw to continue to tore them after worship. The idea of bringing a sensory change with friendly accommodation in politicians from the Kaczynskis, Giertychs and Lepper, has proven to be naturally at the latest at the EU summit. This is even unintentionally weakened the opposition in Poland, which relies on Germany when it is long-term and seriously a better ratio to Poland.
  3. In view of the behavior of the Polish Government is a change of course, ie a hard negotiation offered in the art financial negotiations between the EU countries. If Germany is not responding to these negotiation methods, it encourages other Nehmerlander to similarly self-propelled and irresponsible behavior. Unfortunately, Brusseler’s voice compromise has improved the German negotiating position anything but improved.
  4. Such a recognizable course change of the Federal Government against Poland uses Warsaw and Polish population the clear signal that the continuation of the company-based Deutschland policy is not in Polish interest, if you continue to benefit from the EU demanding companies financed by Germany. Unfortunately, it is not possible to extinguish that the Government Kaczynski will not be backed up in advance of the financial negotiations to instrumentalize the Nazi crimes for their purposes. But this tactic can not be prevented.
  5. Due to the EU skepticism and elimination of the Polish, but also traditionally the British government, a Europe of the two speeds has become a serious alternative. Ultimately, they were fair for all involved, because they patorm nobody. Anyone who wishes more integration in Europe is progressing, who is against it, does not work with. That’s simply pure democracy on all sides. Integration of integration advanced and opponents means a stapling script for the EU with uncertain output. An agreement at the right time to different speeds holds less risks for Europe.
  6. To draw consequences in the German-Polish ratio, Europapolitically has the advantage that German population is better represented by its government. For the bitter feeling that the EU partner countries point to the crimes committed by German crimes during National Socialism, if necessary, to achieve financial constituents from the Federal Government, is widespread as some German politicians perceive. If the German policy does not take this mistreation in the population against the EU seriously and ignores them, facilitates them with legal radicals, Europe-like rat fears the craft.
  7. At the same time, German politics should specifically search the conversation with mobilized and improved relations in Poland. The election participation in the last Polish parliamentary elections in the fall of 2005 was only 40 percent. In this respect, the prere on the governing party PIs is not exceeding numbers, and the hope and mission remains the long term with the advanced power in Polish policy better relations. The official relations with Warsaw, on the other hand, should restrict themselves until further notice to the normal MAB normally necessary in the EU and under neighbors. More is not possible under the Kaczynskis.
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