Costs an increase in the minimum wage workstation?

After numbers from the USA even more workplaces were created

What were it for spasms to reduce the flat-covered minimum wage in Germany, D.H. it halfway with many exceptions and some delays from the 1. January 2015 introduced. The launches were always that the minimum wage workplace danger because employers do not want to pay them or can. A study from the United States, where US Prasident Obama wants to prevail at least the increase in the national minimum wage to his heritage, which has now come another war against terror (USA: Dispute by raising the minimum wage), seems to the critics Wind from the sails.

Purable evidence for harmful consequences on the labor market and the economy could not submit the opponents anyway. The criticism feeds out of the disadvantage of employers to make less profits, and from the neoliberal ideology that the market is best regulates. For this purpose, it was designed stately that badly paid work was still better than have no work, and that unemployed had fewer opportunities to get normal jobs again.

Also in the US is trying to prevent the increase in the minimum wage from currently $ 7.25 to $ 10.10, even if some companies require it and implement it (against the electricity). Elise Gould The Economic Policy Institute, which is dedicated to high minimum wage, has once looked at the development in the 13 states, which in 2014 the minimum wage either by a new law (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island) or to the Compensation of inflation already increased. The study ames that the Lohne for employees since 1979 have either fallen or stagnated inflationally in the USA. Above all, the productivity has grown for multiples to the wages.

Between the first half of 2013 and the first half of the year, the Lohne for the Armest tenth of the Americans has grown by 0.3 percent, in all other deciles, the real tune in this time have become smaller, which also means that the middle class is impoverished and overall The income inequality has grown, especially since 2007. The reason is not the inflation that was only mabig. Also possibly increased training requirements can not be a substantial reason because the income inequality between the richest and middle class has grown stronger than that between people with university degree and only a high school degree. Compared to last year, the leaning of workers with the highest education have also fallen, if not as strong as those with university or high school financial statements.

Gould believes that the low-wage increase compared to the last year in the Armest tenth to influence the increase in the minimum wage in the 13 states, in which 40 percent of workers live, which gave 2.7 billion US dollars more. She has compared the wage growth in the income-weakest Decil in these with wage development throughout the country. Thereafter, the others rose by 0.9 percent by raising the minimum wage from January 2014, while they have fallen by 0.1 percent in the above 37 countries. It had benefited 4.5 million workers. Gould derives that the increase in the minimum wage is also an effective means of improving income with relatively high unemployment. In 21 states, the minimum wage is already high than the national minimum wage.

Now one could say that the very modest income increase in despite everything could have led to more unemployment between 10 cents and a dollar. Jared Bernstein by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has looked at the development of the labor market and found that in the states in which the minimum wage has increased, the job growth has developed better than in the coefficient. However, the difference with 0.3 percent is very low. Sure seems to be at least, as Bernstein says that the increase of the minimum wage has at least no workplaces cost. However, long-term consequences could only show themselves later.

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