Coronavirus: consaboration makes theory

Coronavirus: Consaboration makes theory

With the concept of conspiracy theory unspoken the limits of the permitted discourse are staked

The article problematistics the use of the term "WEEFORE THEORIE" and his derivatives. This term is exemplary for a superficial treatment of complex context. His application, as shown here in connection with the Corona Pandemic, often hardly distinguishes between well-founded but politically unproofed criticism and the denial undeveloped, confused argumentation. The undifferentiated use of the term thus leads to tabuisations in the social discourse, which blocks an explanation of important questions.

The Zasur of the Corona Pandemia situation needs a lot of courage to a unstopped research as a check, she wants to be constructively forced. How it is frequent in crisis layers, weaknesses and errors in the system have particularly serious effects, but they can also be very clearly perceived. The event of the pandemic is complicated in its embedding in the total context and nested. A competent handling of him will probably always remain linged and requires a high MAB due to care. It will be this "More" or "Fewer" in chairs to be competence that is likely to decide whether we can evaluate the continued path at some point in the Ruckschau as well as well.

In recent decades, the quality is generally eroded in the social treatment of problems in a frightening mab. Many of the beneficial debates are mirrors thereof. One of the key, which can show that particularly well, is the handling of the terms "WEEFORE THEORIE" and consorting theorist". License plate of your use is a related content-related flattening, which has serious effects in complex contexts.

In many cases self-compliant attitude and pure allegations at the demonstrators

"Wurdering theoretics" For example, the participants in the demonstrations against the Corona mails started at the beginning of May are often titled, as "Conspiracy theories" their exercises. In fact, it looks, many of them did not deal with the situation and so the declaration they wanted to represent a bar service proved. Well-founded receivables and criticism of other people will now be much easier to reduce or ignore it by throwing everything into a pot.

In the statements of the collapsed people, pre-fast categorizations and simplifications have often been visible, as well as a lack of readiness to provide experts from more complex omissions. Demonstrators who have built like freedom cheaters, during them often served only their ego, were recognizable to heated phrases that do not withstand content checking. This refusal was often the refusal to consider a health risk of health through the Corona virus only as a possibility. Emotional discomfort was manifested unrefighted as if it was a factory rust. In addition, pictures of slaves, used by the Occupy movement Guy Fawkes masks and yellow Jewish stars were abused to emblematically overhose the occupied positions.

Serious allegations such as a vaccination obligation or opposite Microsoft-Grunder Bill Gates and his foundation were not investigated. The arrogant collection of the concept of truth was the blockade of a deepening content of content, this with quite excessive effect: "Who does not follow me, is the system, the ruling, … gone in the glue." As a subtext, it may be quiet: He did not understand it, I do not talk about. Or, as in allusion to the US TV series "Walking Dead" to read on a poster was: "Be no walking depp".

This self-righteous attitude exposes to the fertest and uncertainties projected in such operations, but also strong hedonist-colored egoisms. If the demonstrators were more prudent, they had left the field of pure allegations and asked more questions. For a safe assessment of the situation lacks still information in many ways. As things ran, the demonstrators of the Muhe of ancillary have been deprived of the truth in two ways. On the one hand, this concerns to make own emotions aware, that is the area of the interview. On the other hand, the effort of a careful examination of the information available on the external action was not carried out in sufficient mabe. To do that, however, is absolutely necessary before defending heavy protection by means of charges.

The site of the participants who behave or not behave in the manner described shows that psychic factors make the foundation of any human exercise and therefore need to explain considering if one liked a situation. What’s all Banal sounds, it is not in truth. Because our culture is so much interpreted by the ratio that our consciousness has gross difficulties to deal with the pages of our psyche, which at least partially escape themselves. These are the irrational and sensory area, from intuition and feeling. So we are surprised by one-sidedness, vacuumisms and twists, which makes it difficult to make an unbiased picture of a conflicting location as a whole.

Collective conditioning

This will also make it clear on the other hand, in the reaction of dear to the mentioned demonstrations. The term "WEEFORE THEORIE" and its derivatives are ied by numerous media such as personal livelihoods according to the gable cancellation principle as soon as a certain scope of the discourse is left. It is progressive that it is not about contentability, but that apparently wars for use of the term is to have left an unspoken staked field within which a discourse is allowed.

Even though it should sound mean, it looks like playing in their excitement not really pracelessly argumentative people like the demonstrators here the role of the usual idiots. They serve for collective conditioning on the species – "Look, it looks a conspiracy theorist!". They make it natural, emotion and displeasure it was due, a rather unbalanced figure. If you now want to mark on the basis of a different person as an imbalacle, the simple call is enough "WEEFORE THEORIE!", To give its exercises a blemish.

About where the limits of a permitted discourse are and who determines it is not spoken. That’s possible because the term "WEEFORE THEORIE" also has become a codeword thanks to the emission-flamming media, which represents any further content of content. The media held in the glue are therefore of the same way for inadverted simplifications and unreflected categorizations, as they use the demonstrators against the corona macers. So both sides are reflected in a certain way. Both sides thus thus have a function for a successful use of the word interested in information debt. Matching stencils were the one, multipliers the others.

There are consabilities

Now let’s leave these two sides and go to the fact. There are consabilities. She gave her yesterday and is also available today. We have experienced by the enthusiasts Edward Snowdens over the American intelligence NSA [National Security Agency] and cooperating partner organizations, on the scandalosis treatment of the NSU complex [meant are the activities of the militant right-wing radical grouping National Socialist Underground] by the investigating organs was reported. And we have lobbyists from a power that they will leave members of governments to puppet figures.

These are all consabilities, as well as mafiose and corruption structures it are also. They all follow certain patterns involving as elements: disinformation and manipulation for the benefit view or darkening criminal action, physical or mental violence. So please do not do anyone, as if it did not give consabilities, as if an approached with this phenomenon per se.

The concept of conspiracy theory has since the events of the 11. September 2001, a particularly tremendous meaning narrow experience, at the same time it was used by there to be used to discredit critical potential. He satisfied, for example, to place the former SPD State Secretary Andreas of Bulow in the corner, which identified contradictions in the official representation of the background to the assassination series series in the USA. He satisfied a few years later to brand the Swiss historian Daniele Ganser with his investigations secret army structures in Europe as apparently obscure figure to brand.

Even if the analysis of the two should contain misalignments at certain points, this is no reason to descend the work with reference to conspiracy theory tendencies. Many analyzes are not entirely right, and a debate that is followed by them can serve to fully adjust the content correctly. However, if a contribution is marked as a consorting theoretical nature, this is encompassed by any further examination. People who are associated with this term are excluded from a broad-minded debate, and that’s equivalent to a censorship of their arguments. In a subtle way, this censorship also works because of these people a specimen is statutory, and colleagues may prefer to keep their mouth in order not to get into an analog situation.

"WEEFORE THEORIKER" are not theorists

"Wurdering theoretics", This can mean: a person who is strategically planning conspiracy. Or: A person who deals with the phenomenon of conspiracy at academic way. With us the word means: a phantasy who wants to see a threat by making or feeling, where there is no. A confusion so, who is no longer on the ground of reality. It is clear that no one wants to be put into this drawer. This makes the term a strategically valuable instrument, you want to stop unpleasant discussions.

The word theory derives originally from the ancient Greek theory "watch", "regard", "look at" can be translated. In the scientific sense, a theory is a causal ultimate model of cutting the reality that it describes. More common "theory" also as a counterpoint to "practice" used. This means a purely verbal or conceptual approach with a topic in contrast to hand-strong doing. From the ETYMOLOGICAL point of view, the two formers of the three meaning-related meanings mentioned in the previous paragraph are more suitable, and less the third. It seems almost absurd, a person who should have turned away from the consideration of reality at least partially, conspiracy theorists.

From a scientific point of view, a theory after hypothesis formation – while a hypothesis is built up in partly not yet linked tangible indications, a theory is already based on a comprehensive mathematically or otherwise logically verified rust. Once formulated, a theory of appropriately trained people can be reconstructed independently of their authener.

It looks quite different with the mentioned demonstrators: they combine factual management in a way that leans against the context of their own unknown emotional facilities. They in any form as "theorist" to call, is not correct from these reasons. They are still not a crafted. They only incomplete the sorting work of the content stored at different levels, as is the case with many other people, where the impact are others.

One of the roots of academic procurement with conspiracies is at the 1929 Canadian Political Political Peter Dale Scott, which examined numerous events linked to the US radical policy. He created the concept of deep politics [Deep Politics] to describe a dimension of political events in which the actors behave conspiratively. For Scott, the inclusion of the depth political component is necessary to comprehensively understand many events of historical significance.

Here he bends the bow from the assassination to John F. Kennedy up to the events around the 11. September 2001 and their consequences. "To avoid a serious’ conspiracy theory ‘, you can not bring anything better than ’19 lonely spinners have worked together’", In 2006, in 2006, as part of a lecture, his resumea of aircraft attacks on the New York twin Towers, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. You can see here that Scott the word "WEEFORE THEORIE" not used in a derogatory senses. And so one could actually refer to personalities such as Bulow and Ganser as a consolidation theorist – but not in a despeciatable and border-out way. In demarcation to them, the demonstrators were then carried out at best as emotional rhetoricians.

Hypotheses for the unexplained origin of SARS-COV-2

In the context of protests against the corona measures, many media have the use of the term "WEEFORE THEORIE" overlook that in all the argumentative ingena in the contexts enamelled by the above demonstrators, any questions that require a clarification.

Very far from the front ranks here the question of the origin of Covid 19 causing coronavirus. It is therefore of great importance, because it is possible that out of your answer – depending on how it has fallen – very different requirements for a further treatment of the crisis of crisis caused by the pandemic crisis situations. As an example, three of certainly still have to be cited even several possible hypotheses, which according to the state of publicly access information all are neither clearly verified nor unambiguously refuted.

  • First hypothesis: The virus was created by natural mutation and was transferred to humans through a bat.
  • Second hypothesis: The virus was created by genetic manipulation in a scary manner in a Chinese laboratory.
  • Third hypothesis is: The virus was attracted in a military laboratory for research and production of bioweapons.

The field of public debate is seemingly staked so that seriously only the first hypothesis is approved. If you dared to bring the two other hypotheses into play, you run danger than "Wurdering theoretics" to be punctured. You do not even have to represent these hypotheses, it’s enough to only want to look clean. Scientific it is one and the same, whether I want to verify or falsify, you are serios, you have to recognize the result in any case. So it’s just a matter of approach to whether one starts from one or the other side starting out.

Now you could say, well, but you should only work with hypotheses where there are indications, a certain probability that they could meet the reality. That’s completely right. For this reason, no hypothesis has been listed, whose formulation there is no indications.

A renowned scientist from the field of genetics Aubert suggests that a specific structure of the inheritance material in the virus indicates genetic manipulation. He can also locate this structure with his special knowledge and explain their peculiarities. Nothing else has done the French Nobel Prize for Medicine Luc Montagnier last April, which also went through the media. This information is a strong argument for the formulation of hypothesis two. With it can be dealt with in the scientific sense only in three ways: first, it is confirmed. Second, it is refuted. Third, it will be investigated if a clear first or second is not yet possible, until one is possible. Excluding information to ignore the hypothesis is not permitted in the sense of truth determination. Actually, that’s easy. It becomes complicated only by taboo.

This shows opposite the second even more clearly the third hypothesis, because security ies are tabuised in high habe. There are also hints that led to formulate the hypothesis. An example is the exercises of the American biowaffe expert Francis Boyle, who made aware that the laboratory structure BSL 4 used in Wuhan was tailored to research in the biowaffing sector and make no sense for civil research. In addition, in Wuhan – also with funds originating from the USA, a modification of the SARS virus has been worked on military purposes.

These statements are easy to research on the Internet. Now Boyle is already classified as intelligence theorist because of past unpleasant exercises on US-own biocampfants. But now we also know that exactly what under circumstances can be a very special qualitat.

Verification or falsification of the arguments three caused for hypothesis is probably unevenly more difficult than at the second hypothesis. The reason for the secrecy policy, with which security ies are generally encouraged. A valid reason to put the head in the sand and just ignore the content is not, but the problem must then be called honestly by name. Certain compounds may be understood under the given circumstances, for example, to what extent Boyles’s association for laboratory form BSL 4 is true. So you got hints that helped to help a clearer picture.

If it – as noted – gives consture, there is always an interest in the obstacle from the actors linked to them. Whether those now specifically the concentrated use of the term "WEEFORE THEORIE" Laid, or whether this language uses as a result of general loss of verbal sensitence, is difficult to judge. Of course it is not that all the people who the word "WEEFORE THEORIE" use in a lack of interest, doing this with a blanket.

But our society builds high in politics and economy high on power and ego-based hierarchies. For the progress within these structures, goals must be defined and factors that could affect their achievement may be possible to eliminate. In the fixation on these goals too often the view is lost to the whole. Innohn to examine a fact under a changed viewing angle, the booking. In this situation states uncomfortable questions or circumstances that they could pose. Since it is practical if you can specify them by means of a equally available label. Long-term, however, such a cessation has a value variety. Deprude is only available if it is correspondingly targeted. To lust and lack in the assessment of clenching.

The overall situation shows that we have to ask questions, because the information we first have to freak, often from different reasons, is often fragmentary and only gradually be assembled to a whole. It also shows the damage to doing the misinformation or refusal of the disclosure of information. Both forces us to bridge the existing vacancies through courage. As a result, however, we already stand with a FUB in the conspiracy theoretic trap, situated by those who particularly liked the term used. We can only solve this by putting ourselves to the explanation, generally and especially in the Corona crisis concerned.

Claudia Lorenz, writer, studying agriculture, actress, cultural management. Literary work u. a.: Essayist essays and poetry. Cults for several years of feminist side with the opposition of ratio and irrational alitat.

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