Corona pandemic: for new york “the rest of the states is a danger”

Corona Pandemic: for New York'der rest der bundesstaaten eine gefahr dar'


To keep the low infection rates, New York fights with local shutdowns, strict entrance finishes and mass tests

Even before the election, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governor of New York, presented new guidelines for visitors to the state on Saturday, from 4. November. This is how the New Yorkers are to be protected and larger hotopots are prevented. The microcluster strategy of targeted shutdowns in local hotspots as in Brooklyn or Queens worked. In the first wave, New York had caught hard, now there is the third lowest infection rate in the US: "The rest of the states is a danger." On the advice of experts, you will change the test and quartainepraxis.

So far, enterings from states had to stay in quaranteate on a list of high infection rates 14 days after arrival. Now there is no such list more and no orientation to numbers, but only a rule for all entrants from states that are not directly adjacent to New York. You can only enter when you submit a negative test result, which was made three days before arrival. On arrival, you only need three days in Quarantae and will be tested on the fourth again. If he has a positive, the stay in Quartaine must be continued. If you do not want to be tested, you must stay in Quarantabe 14 days. The test and quarantine rules are also subject New Yorkers who have held a longer than 24 hours in another state. Travelers from almost all states must have on entry in Quarantabe.

The rule does not apply to commuters and day visitors from the adjoining states, also system-relevant workers are excluded. New Yorker, who leave their country for less than 24 hours, must take a test within four days of return. All entrants have to do the questionnaire on their journey. Governor Cuomo and burgermeister Bill de Blasio had asked the New Yorker previously not to leave the state. To prevent it from being prevented in the holiday season for the Thanksgiving Festival at the end of November. "Just because she does not mean that she is protected from Covid. And that’s why we’ll see climbs", So Cuomo.

Difficulties with the tests and the infection numbers

The positive rate is 1.5 percent in New York, in the Micrococluster zones with a shutdown at 3.1 percent, if one loves eight eight, only 1.36 percent are positive. In the US was the positive rate in the 43. KW at 7.1 percent. As far as the numbers are concerned, the New York Times is currently reporting that the free tests in New York did not benefit all residents Mabig. The people in the richer neighborhoods were tested up to four times more often than those in the poor neighborhoods. Although there are 200 test stations, information is mainly distributed over the Internet, which fell out of poor population layers that do not have Internet access. The poor layers had caught it in the first wave in the spring year above all.

In the end of October, the infection figures had risen particularly strongly in some residential areas of New Yorks, in which predominantly ultra-orthodox Jews live. So was in Kiryas Joel, a place in Orange County, the positive rate risen to the record height of 34 percent, then succumbed to 2 percent. Due to the "DRAMATIC RUCKING" Lured Cuomo the restrictions. How NYT reports, there are significant doubts that the data is right.

This is also the opinion of the state-of-the-state health officers Irina Gelman. She says more people were fooled by symptoms or giving themselves as danger, but there were less testing, which sinks the positive rate. The refusal to be tested is one "alarming trend". But the positive rate relative to the number of tested tests can, of course, vary significantly if more or less or who is being tested. Implementation gives the positive rate, which also relates to the governor, only anyway, which proportion of the tested is positive, but not, which proportion of the population. Also in the "red zones" New York City should have come to test refusals. If the positive rate falls, the maws are loosened and, for example, expired and schools are released or more people in Godshauser. That could be an incentive to manipulate the positive rate.

Schools in the local shutdown quarters expect if, according to the arrangement of the end of October, Schuler and all persons who want to come on schools in the local shutdown quarters, have previously been negatively tested. Oberdies have to be 25 percent of the schools and teachers weekly. At a positive rate of 2 percent in New York City or from 3 percent in the rest of the state, schools must be closed again.

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