Corona: children do not pay with family christmas celebrations

Corona: Children do not pay with family christmas celebrations

FRA Bartolommeo: The Holy Family with the Johannesknonen (around 1490)

Participants should be several days before the feast in "Self-aim" ie

Today, the EU Commission of its Prasidentin Ursula is concluded by the Leyen the sixth delivery contract with a manufacturer of a SARS COV 2 serum: the vaccine of the American company Moderna is supposed to be effective, but better durable than that of German-American cooperation of biontech and pfizer. In grave chill barriers, he should remain effective at a temperature of two to seven degrees Celsius for 30 days. If he is kept long, he has to go down to minus 20 degrees Celsius. Then he stops the company data after half a year (cf. Moderna presents durable corona serum).

Up to 160 million cans mRNA-1273

The CHMP Committee of the EU Pharmaceutical Affiliation EMA has already allowed a Rolling Review Quick Coule procedure for mRNA-1273. If it leads to a permit, Moderna can supply up to 160 million cans, with which up to 80 of the 446 inhabitants of the EU member trainers can be vaccinated. The 160 million doses are distributed by Leyens information under the relation to the population among the member countries.

In addition, in addition, the sera from so far are FUNF other developers are available: which of Pfizer and Biontech, the Swedish-British company Astrazeneca, the French-British cooperation Sanofi-GlaxosmithKlyny, the Belgian company Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and the German CureVac (cf. Italy wants to be mass emphasis from January). Another contract is in progress from the Leyen.

Ten instead of five persons

The German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn had on 22. November, it will give it "Reason for optimism that there will be a plenty of a vaccine in Europe this year". So you "get started with the vaccines immediately" KONNE, he asked the guides of the German Federal Landers to ensure ready-to-use vaccine centers by mid-December (cf. December prospects: vaccinations and lockdown relocation). A duty to vaccinate with the serene developed in part with relevant methods is not intended for the time being. Instead, Spahn plans a "Online platform on the achieved vaccination quotas, differentiated by age and regions". Showed the numbers there that "achieved a high vaccination rate in the particularly hazardous population groups" was, you can "Shifts gradually loosen".

These restrictions stored in the summer in the summer, which were again significantly stricter after the increase in SARS COV-2 positive tests in the fall (cf. He is back!), the German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks today with the heads of government of the Federal Standers. The resolution template, which one has already agreed before, sees no limitation on five persons with family christmas celebrations "Budgetary" before. Instead, should now be at ten end. However, children under 14 years are not paid. For this, the Germans are now called publicly, several days before such Christmas meetings in one "Self-aim" to go, because of the federal standards the beginning of the Christmas holidays on Monday the 16. December Pre-Durf.

The relevant positive tests, which the German policy has so far as the basis of the fails to be filed, are not recognized by an expert team around Matthias Schrappe, the former Deputy Chairman of the Expertise Council Health, as unfit. Mass tests, as they were carried out in Slovakia and in Sudtirol, have the view of the physicians to a loss rate of about one percent of the population. Instead of trying to break a wave that does not break anymore, you would therefore prefer to measure and control the regional burdens of health systems with hospitalization indices (see. These reason speak against the prolonged part-lockdown).

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