Contaminated sites or alternatives?

Contaminated sites or alternatives?

Election poster with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Image: KAS / ACDP 10-011: 1902 CC-BY-SA 3.0 DE

Personal debates at Union and SPD continue

While the time was open, whether Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz or Jens Spahn Angela Merkel will follow the post of CDU party leaders, the Union improved its EMNID survey values from 24 to 30 percent. That it is about to go again, could do so that the scarce winner and Merkel-drawdaughter Annegret Kramp cartauer is not the desired candidate of all potential Union hangers.

In the Sachsian small town of Brandis stepped on 23. December even a whole local association closed from the CDU out and to the free Wahler over. There, so the former Brandiser CDU chairman Alexander Busch to Leipziger People’s newspaper, you can find now "The Burgerich-Value Conservative Basic Rest, what we lost a few years ago at the CDU".

The former Brandiser CDU Group Chairman Tobias Empire yelled, he wanted to "Not [more] need to justify the policy of the state and federal government on-site". Georg-Ludwig’s CDU Country Code Georg-Ludwig of the Breitenbuch shall, according to the Chemnitzer Morgenpost, be more concrete, and as the last reason for the exit the election of Annegret Kramp cartauer called.

The Sauerlander goes to Baden-Wurttemberg?

Also Wolfgang Reinhart, the CDU chairman in the Stuttgart Landtag, domed the local newspaper Heilbronner voice party outline and "frustration" Because of the decision of the delegate majority for Kramp carteworker. A not yet officially confirmed report of the image-newspaper to Will Reinharts Landesverband now contribute to the front of the Merkel-Zehnahtdaughter Friedrich Merz the post of the top candidate for the next state election in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The former Baden-Wurttemberg Minister Prosident and current EU budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger was even a bit further opposed to the West German General Zeitung (WAZ) and pointed to Merz Konnne also be Chancellor’s candidate at the next general election. Namely "no automatism", that the Federal Chairman also the Chancellor candidate must be. And Kramp cartauer also showed indirectly that she still takes Merz as competitors seriously by saying the weekly time with a view of its ministerial ambitions, the Cabinet was "full-time", Why it is "For the Chancellor no need for action" giving.

Schulz demands primary election of the next SPD chancellor candidate

At the SPD, on the other hand, a fortress failed politician himself brought back to the game: Martin Schulz, who achieved a record in the last general election as a Chancellor candidate, said in an interview with the editorial network Germany, he was "Part of the European Campaign in the coming year" and see in the past already in the past of him "Theme Europe" (see. From the workers’ party to the EU party) "For the SPD a chance that is not used yet". In social media, this envision rely onto a lot of ridicule – some users should even cause whether the dry alcoholic has not started drinking again.

In addition, the Rheinlander demands a reason election of the next SPD chancellor candidate. Such a great choice was already in the Social Democrats, 1993. Winner was then the Martin Schulz from Habitus not quite unearth Rudolf Scharping (cf. Schulz – Scharping II.?) who lost the afterliving general election even against a Helmut Kohl.

If at such a reason "Competing persons with their program ideas in the competition", Then it becomes Schulz ‘words "really exciting". He who praises him, he did not tell him and instead praised the CDU, who with her election campaign for the party presidency "Innovative, exciting and democracy" has been.

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