Complete: renault study symbioz

Complete: renault study symbioz

Second IAA novelty of Renault next to the Megane R.S. is the study symbioz. With her, Renault wants to demonstrate how autonomous, crosslinked and electrical mobility could look in 2030. The name is properly chosen, because the car wants to integrate into the living architecture, with the owner togetherness.

The car will be part of a novel, futuristic residential building, which is also shown on the Renault stand. On a mobile platform, the Symbioz can be transported to the upper floor or integrated on the ground floor. Here as there, he should serve as additional residential, residence or work space. The car takes part of the home on the journey with, house and car are closely linked together, share their energy supply as well as the required information flow.

In the living room traveling

4.7 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and only 1.35 meters high, the concept vehicle connects the flat of a top class oil with the high of a sports car. The latter should improve the aerodynamics in the interest of the reach. In the case of unavoidable entry-level, swiveling seats should help. The lightweight construction includes, among other, body parts in carbon fiber plastic and window made of polycarbonate. The far-ending and largely transparent treatments are counteracted in the lower part. The window surface is folded upwards.

The interior of Symbioz determine the same materials and colors as the living room of the house. Once the autonomous driving mode is turned on, steering wheel and steering panels disappear under the dashboard, while the pedals and the wide glass display drive by 15 centimeters to the ax. Driver and front passenger can swing their seats by 180 degrees and turn to the passengers of the second row. In the safety belts integrated touchscreens in the form of Smartwatches allow the control of secondary vehicle functions such as climate control, music selection and loud.

Common energy management of house and car

The Symbioz and the conceptual house are the intelligent power grid, the so-called Smart Grid, connected with one another. If there is no long distance planned, the symbioz electricity only for short distances. The remaining energy can be used for lighting, screens or household conservation. For the longest trips, however, the battery of Symbioz is fully charged. The car thus also engages in the life of the house dwellers. Also, if the first read absurd likes: Without forward-looking time management, more prolonged spontaneous rides will be impossible for lack of charge. Of course, there are also phases in which no one from the family can use the car as good as certainly.

Data exchange with other vehicles

Thanks to CAR-2-X, it is ensured that the driver is already warned for discontinuousness, traffic jams and danger sites, it automatically allows to play tollstations on the highway (as in France or Italy) completely autonomous.

The two Symbioz vehicles are based on a newly developed electric car platform. Two electric motors with permanent magnet drive the rear wheel. The aggregates are located directly on the rear axle and direct their power separately to a rear wheel. This division of the drive to two motors allows Torque Vectoring, which can stabilize the vehicle if necessary and lit handsome. The steering remains free of drive influences thanks to rear drive.

Both electric motors in the Symbioz demonstration vehicle together affect 680 hp, mobilize a maximum torque of 660 nm and accelerate the study in less than six seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. The batteries of the concept vehicle with a capacity of 72 kWh approves a range of 500 kilometers according to Renault and can be charged to 80 percent of their capacity in only 20 minutes by induction.

After 2017, a well-serious Symbioz experimental vehicle should be tested on public duties. For a series approach Renault gives the year 2023 as a "horizon". We are curious. Even more interests us what solution Renault is recommended.

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