Comparison: audi q5 and bmw x3 against vw tiguan

Comparison: audi q5 and bmw x3 against vw tiguan

Munchen, 8. December 2011 – High fuel prices Despite the SUVs continue to enjoy a coarse fan base. That they are rarely used in the grand country, their concept is quite opposite, because they are more suitable for straws than for mud and mud. For our comparison, we have deliberately selected vehicles from different classes. Thus, the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 occurs against the smaller and much cheaper VW Tiguan. All three common is the four-wheel drive and a two-liter diesel engine. How is the favorable SUV against the more expensive competitors?

Tiguan small and lighter

The Audi Q5 carries out how most models from Ingolstadt, the typical brand face. The little distinctive differences to the other series Stort customers not, on the contrary: Audi has been on the track of the success for quite some time. Crushed are the huge outdoor mirrors with their integrated flashing lights. With a long of 4.63 meters, the Audi is 20 centimeters long than the VW Tiguan and three centimeters short than the BMW X3. Its high of 1.65 meters is well below that of the Wolfsburg, which comes to 1.87 meters. At 1.66 meters, the BMW is still a centimeter high than the Audi. The Ingolstadter is also the heaviest car with 1880 kilograms, following X3 with 1800 and Tiguan with 1695 kilograms.

The BMW X3 presented last year has become really crude, extends to the mabe that once made the first X5. The Bayer is the only one in the test, which is not yet followed by the trend after turn signals integrated in the outdoor mirrors. The X3 has the same wheelbase as the Q5: 2.81 meters. The Tiguan is a good stucco short with 2.60 meters wheelbase.

X3 offers the most space

The processing of the Audi Q5 is perfect, the surfaces are appealing. The seats in the front row give for jerking and legs of ordinary page stop and the leg suspension litter is coarsent and adjustable. The Ruckbank is clearly harder than the front seats, as with all comparative test participants,. Although it offers only a brief support lacquer for the legs, but a good lavy. The headroom is in the rear itself for seat giant gigantic. The loading edge of the Q5 is in a profitable high, a storey charging threshold is completely missing. Practical: On the underside of the Packing Room Cover, a net for the stowage of small collamp is attached. In the packing room of the Q5 fit 540 liters and thus ten liters less than in the BMW. With folded fund backrests 1560 liters are available. Again, the X3 with 1600 liters has the nose slightly.

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