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Infowar for attention

Misunderstood information policy at the event team of the COMDEX Enterprise in Frankfurt, on which everything should turn around the virtual business worldwide. The basic rules in dealing with the medium e-mail went in the PR fever Baden.

The autumn COMDEX in Las Vegas is just as a congress and exhibition calendar of a computer freak as the CeBIT in Marz. But the COMDEX is no longer just a root table meeting for the computer industry, but a brand that is developed worldwide for trade fairs and conferences: since the Digi-Oriental Media and Software Furst Masayoshi Son the "Comic" In 1995, in his Empire Softbank, which includes, among other things, the Ciff-Davis publisher, financial enterprises and software companies has incorporated, the brand is ultimately in a kind of franchise system "rentable" – The principle works similarly to the system McDonalds. There is therefore a COMDEX not only several times a year in the US, but also in Canada, France, India, Japan or Egypt.

The business with the brand name COMPEX is the same as the trade fair industry around the Internet and computers. Still, the uncertainty of the users of the new media and business opportunities is high in the middle class rough, the requirements of advice. At the same time, entrepreneurs sound the interactings of the prophets of electronic business traffic in the ears, a potential billion cake, everyone wants to depend on a slice. The topics and exhibitors among most "Events" This type is always the same, hardly plays a role: Demand determines the offer.

On the mouth-to-mouth propaganda and the good name alone, the organizers of the COMDEX Enterprise, which takes place until Wednesday in Frankfurt, not completely abandoned. Last year, the COMDEX Internet was Object World still a fairly tranquil meeting of software developers and managers who found place in a hotel at Frankfurt Airport Airport. This year the signs on expansion: The name was converted into COMDEX Enterprise, the move among the Frankfurt Messeturm was planned by a long hand. Finally, the German Combex should make her name all honor to draw the masses in the fair and built between all the internet Worlds to a similar event as the spectacle (report on the COMDEX 97) in the sparkling coughing metropolis Nevadas.

The program was first styled on mass attractive. Of relational databases and CORBA, this year is still the speech, but the focus is on – how could it be different – the e-commerce. Cisco Mub once again prepared as a prime example, but it’s also about the business benefit of Linux or paths to the Venture Capital. But a program alone is not enough to fuel halls and conference rooms. Advertising MUB, the organizers thought of Logon Technology Transfer GmbH, and came to the obvious idea, already with overly half a year in advance to the conference in mailing lists on Electronic Commerce, such as those of the server of the Information Society Project Office Sprinkle European Commission.

Rasch, the Hessian COMDEXEANER additionally crafted a mailing list to which you put all the e-mail addresses of authors who have dropped the keyword e-commerce in an article at some point and somewhere in an article. The individual addressees were simply again under CC in the e-mail header: a practical thing, if you finally contact with revered colleagues or editors and wanted to enrich their own address bookers around some contacts.

So far so good. Every journalist is pleased about invitations for reporting about interesting congresses, even if no one can cover more the entire range of comparable events. Also in a thematically matching mailing list, evidence of events as potential meetings with other list participants usually accepted or at least accepted. But how fast you also survive kilobytesis e-mail messages or did not have the appointment calendar during the first time. This also thought Roberto Zicari, Chairman Advisory Board of the COMDEX Enterprise, and so he sat down and stood in about two-weekly his "Invitations" to the listed lists off. Once the request happened, but also on "COMDEX Application and Object Award" – The German conjunction seems to be a keynote to the venue – to participate, the repeated memory was followed by the slogan; regularly, it was also informed about the status of program planning and any change of the process.

This is to Inform You That Monday, Sept. 28, is the Opening Day of Comex / Deepprise in Frankfurt…

Best regards

Roberto Zicari Comex Enterprise Frankfurt

Excerpt from the preform last spam message of 26.9.98. Freudian shredder from the original

The reason found again and again, the COMDEX.In the memory of the list participants to bring back and so many mailbox with completed – if short-sighted – strategy fully put together. And there really did not exist inside the 14-day rhythm "New" To announce, the mass mails were brought according to Plan B under the network community: "On behalf of DR. Zicari may I enter the COMDEX Enterprise…" Other sender, the same topic. Overall, the e-mail marketers during the advertising monquates increased their "Professionalism" Significantly, for example, the journalist mailings acting somewhat-leashered journalist mailings were soon handled over a list server of the University of Frankfurt, which is not only the costs for a commercial provider, but apparently also underline the scientific meaning of the Combex.

But what insights into the business movies of the Internet Mogene are conveyed at an event whose organizers do not even understand the most solese basic rules of online marketing?

The literature on this topic FULLT now full libraries, and if it is a unique-serious title, one shows somewhat worth knowing about the use of e-mail.

"You should not operate spamming!" Vince Emmery leads about the first rule in his book "Internet and company" Under the chapter to the "10 commandments" in marketing with e-mail. "The term spamming, which is understood by the sending of unfortunate advertising, comes from a monthy-python broadcast, in which every course of a menu in a restaurant also spam (DT.: Fresh stucco meat) is included, no matter if it pabs or not", Learn the reader there. "It is just as inappropriate when you send advertising by email to people who do not want this."

"Unwise advertising" is one of course a further term, the boundaries between "Note" and "Spam" are difficult to pull. The strategically planned discontinuation of news with highest slightly varied content over mailing lists is clearly paying for the category of spam, even if it is not about dubious "rich"- or "Get sex"-Embassies acts. Just as it contradicts the Netiquette to set e-mail addresses without questioning question to a separate mailing list. Since many marketers, however, apparently only the book of Canter and Seal – the two American lawsold, which at the beginning of the commercial boom all Usenet with advertising postings for their chargeable "Green Card Consulting" flooded – pulling out of the cabinet, the inbox of the normal user is getting romp forever due to undecided tips and tricks. This will not only increase the transfer costs of the individual user, even the lines of the providers are claimed unnotically. Therefore, more and more dishes of the spammers are increasing worldwide, the topic has long been becoming political, which should not be able to survive the self-regulation of the economy.

First, however, it remains to hope that those responsible see in the Logon Technology Transfer, that too much of the good is not necessarily. Who is not interested in the COMPEX, will not drive to Frankfurt after the twentieth indication of the event. But even potential prospects are dense from a certain number of mailings, filter on Zicari @ LTT.DE Programming or released again and again the DELETE button print. COMDEX 99 threatens to fail at the attention protection threshold of many potential visitors and multipliers from the outset. ()

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