Cold war in valley

Dispute around the electrosmog, for the residents from the transmitter area Holzkirchen the US shortwave programs "Radio Liberty" and "Radio Free Europe" go out

The Upper Bavarian community Valley fights against a heritage of the Cold War. The transmitter area Holzkirchen for the US shortwave programs "Radio Liberty" and "Radio Free Europe" (Rferl) borders directly to private garden faunes. 50 years Electrosmog for peace and justice. The 2.700 residents are sure that they pay a high price for the freedom of the word: 33 cancer trap in 15 years, there is neither the burger nor the burger initiative to a coincidence. They call for all means to decommission the transmitter.

In fact, these US radio programs are a feasible weapon in the former war of the ather waves between East and West. In 1995, for the first time, hope for an early termination of the involuntary field trial at the burgers of the communities Valley, Weyarn, Schmidham and Holzkirchen. After the US Congress the financing of the programs "Radio Liberty" and "Radio Free Europe" has questioned and the two channels had to merge, they believed in a political solution of the problem.

The for the 30. June 1995 the eye-catched retention of the station Holzkirchen was discarded. The decay of Yugoslavia made the Balkan region on the new target area of "Radio Free Europe" and Holzkirchen the ideal transmitter location for the program supply via center wave. That’s why the US operator wanted "International Broadcasting Bureau", Establish a second medium wave transmitter in 1996. The community moved in court and achieved a change in change. The verdict leaded to a diplomatic aftermath. The American Embassy explained the verdict, citing the so-called Arbia-tolerance for inadequately.

This assignment was closed in 1953 via the operation of American broadcasting stations in Europe. The transmitter area is, similarly to a message, a bands in German law can not come to application. In order to prevent further sub-political irritation, both the former Aufemister Kinkel (FDP) in 1996, as well as today’s officer Fischer (B90 / Grunen), established this US association. However, the exact examination of the ARBIE agreement brings to the light that a station location of Holzkirchen is not listed in the contract.

The burger initiative transmitter-free-Oberland with its chairman Georg Paul and the burger master of Valley, Josef Huber (CSU), have rusted well for their fight for the shutdown of the transmitters. Professor Gunter Kas, former head of the Department of Radar and Electronics of the Bundeswehr University Munchen, since 1980, has been working with the biological effects of electromagnetic rays on living organisms and captured, measures and documents the radiation exposure in Valley for 10 years now. His findings of the court in an expert opinion. Telepolis summons KAS’s statement as follows:

"A causal relationship between radiation exposure and increased cancer in Valley is not eliminated. After all, the highest emission values are at the level of the safety limit value for pacemaker patients. The legal radiation limit for healthy people is not achieved does not mean that the radiation is therefore immeasurable."

It was not the only Meng at the delivery system Holzkirchen. As part of a broadcaster certificate procedure, the regulatory documents for POST and telecommunications has met twice and very well found that the limit value is exceeded for the carrier of pacemakers. The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment has also been measured and evaluated, but even the statement that the prospectability in Valley – the main beam direction of the broadcasters is 40% over the national average, had no political effect. In order to avoid the allegation of statistical loss of earnings, however, direct comparative figures from the locations outside the radiation direction of the transmit antennas had been of particular value. "These figures should also be collected according to the study of the study.", Isolated Georg Paul, driving force of the burgerinitiative. "In the commissioning, the Ministry of the Environment has renounced it."

Cancers are only the tip of the iceberg. Hardly a transmitter resident of not at least about sleeping trips, loudspeakers, ear eggs, nervous, muscle to report or conspicuous infectiousness to report white.

But pathological effects of electromagnetic radiation are considered proven? The dispute over the condition of such studies dominates the discussion. Always either the exposed group of people is too small or the deviations to average values of the total population are in random sector. However, all investigations on possible effects of electromagnetic radiation ultimately lead to the result of a higher cancer risk is likely to be displeased. "You know,", completed Professor Kas, "There is also a scientific proof for this that fat food makes fat. And yet we go from the correctness of this amption."

The neighbors of the delivery system Holzkirchen donated all appeals. In 1999, the Bavarian Administrative Court found in favor of the pleading that Holzkirchen does not fall under the Arbia-Present, the district court of Munch II is a civil suit of some "Transmitter victim" deals on damages, at the Administrative Court complains against the location certificate and in a further procedure for the transmission system of the transmission system.

On the 8th. April 2001 gave "Radio Free Europe" Operation of the medium wave transmitters in Holzkirchen and lowered the transmission power of shortwave programs for the CIS states. Bavaria’s Environment Minister Werner Schnappauf embarked by this decision, which was neither impressed by the burger protests and certainly not of political negotiation. Due to the commissioning of medium wave stations in Hungary and the Serbian Sombor, Holzkirchen was simply strategically dispensable.

A voluntary setting of shortwave shipments from wooden churches was certainly not allowed to be possible without political influence, but has the transmission operator "IBB" Only at the end of May 2001 the important European shortwave station Playa de Pals closed at the Spanish Costa Brava and thus the shortwave station Werkkirchen strategically upgraded.

At the moment, the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag examines the complaints of the residents. With the information of the Federal Environment and Health Ministry as well as the foreign office, the committee was dissatisfied. That’s why you have posted the completion of the petition. At the beginning of September, the ministries must be repented and answer. Committee member Klaus Barthel (SPD) believes that the prere on the federal government growth. The aim of the affected residents is clear: The Federal Government is intended to talk about the lease contract with the US on 2005, otherwise the forced irradiation will automatically be further 10 years.

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