Cloud native: weave kubernetes platform 2.4 wants to facilitate teamwork

Cloud native: Weave Kubernetes Platform 2.4 wants to facilitate teamwork

WeaviewWorks has version 2.4 of its commercial Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP) presented. Building on the Gitops paradigm, the platform should simplify the configuration, manage as well as providing any Kubernetes clusters – both with regard to the declarative infrastructure and for the applications on it. New in the current release are under other Team Workspaces and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Workspace members.

Uplexing Team Workspaces

Comparable with Ablatzen How to offer Rancher Labs (SuSE) and Red Hat OpenShift, the Weave Kubernetes Platform aims at companies that need to use comprehensive heterogeneous Kubernetes environments and manages. In order to be more flexible and safer make the necessary teamu-shaping cooperation more flexible and safer, WKP 2 leads.4 Now Team Workspaces. These workspaces allow developer teams to use gitops across multiple namespaces on the same cluster. This simplifies managing applications, as developers could work more effectively via several teams and repositories.

In addition, more security and the possibility of auditing is to be assisted, supported WKP 2.4 Advanced Access Control and Namespace Umbarring Policies Via Role Based Access Control (RBAC). By Pull Request, Git-based rules can be set for three different roles in the workspaces: Workspace Members, Namespace Admin and Cluster Admin. While workspace member developer teams ensures the required rights within a workspace, the namespace admin extended rights for the entire namespace are available. The cluster admin justifies permissions for the complete cluster. If necessary, further roles can be defined with GIT.

With the new WKP version, users should also integrate Gitops easier to integrate into their existing Kubernetes installations and can use the Weave Kubernetes Platform for multi-cloud environments – over different public clouds -. For this purpose, WKP acts in the existing cluster commissioning and management system and also support pensions such as the Gitops Operator Flux, Helmet Operator, Scope, Prometheus and Grafana. WKP 2.4 already uses the version 2 adapted to the Multi-Tenancy and adapted to the Kubernetes API Extension system.0 of flux.

Further information about Weave Kubernetes Platform 2.4 can be found in the official inquiry of WeaveWorks.

What is Gitops?

The term gitops goes to the buzz word tagged by WeaveWorks-CEO Alexis Richardson "Operations by Pull Requests" Back that a combination of Continuous Delivery (Applications) and Infrastructure AS Code (IAC) on the basis of the version management software GIT describes. The information required for distributing the applications and declaring the infrastructure are in a GIT repository that reprints the Single Point of Truth (Spot).

On the initiative of WeaveWorks, CodeFresh and some cloud providers, a Gitops Working Group was first. The working group is located as an open community project under the umbrella of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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