Cloud native computing foundation takes operator framework from red hat

Cloud Native Computing Foundation takes Operator Framework from Red Hat

Red Hat has entrusted Operator Framework of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for further development. The Open Source Toolkit is used to automate scalable managing from Kubernetes native applications. At the CNCF, the Operator Framework, which itself is considered Kubernetes native, first goes into the incubation phase.

Operators are intended to relocate administrative into software

Operators are a design design that has introduced the Docker specialized Linux operating system COREOS 2016. The aim of an operator is to add information to the software on operation and maintenance – knowledge, which previously presented only outside the Kubernetes cluster, in a combination of shell scripts, administrator grips and external automation software. Operators should automatically implement activities such as installation and configuration as well as reconfiguration, updating, backup and restoration directly into the software via APIs and Concepts.

Operator toolbox with Lifecycle Management and SDK

The toolkit consists of two main components, the operator Lifecycle Management (OLM) and the Operator Software Development Kit (SDK). With the SDK, developers should create operators based on their insights into the managed application without a boilerplate code. Three types of operators can be distinguished: a Golang operator written in the programming language GO, which is compatible with KubeBuilder projects, an an an insulating operator whose logic corresponds to an insulating rolls, and a helmet operator, which evidently benefits that helmet Charts can be converted into operators without additional code.

The life cycle management (OLM), on the other hand, is centrally located for the installation, configuration and updating of the operators and their services on the cluster. It collects metadata and packaging models, with which operators are grouped into coarse collections (catalogs).

Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a dining room

Due to the hosting of the CNCF, the project is now in addition to technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus and helmet part of a provider-neutral foundation, which is geared towards the technical development.

Further information about the transfer to the CNCF can be found in the message in the Red Hat Blog. Background to operator framework are on the project homepage. If you liked Discuting, you can log in to the slack channel of Kubernetes, and there is also a separate group to the Operator Framework at Google Groups.

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