Chuck: version 6.0 of the javascript framework qooxdoo brings new compiler

Chuck: Version 6.0 of the JavaScript framework Qooxdoo brings new compiler

The originally created JavaScript framework Qooxdoo is in version 6.0 appeared. The release has a new compiler and some other changes on board. For QooxDoo 5.X developed applications should work roughly part with the current release, as a hard cut is planned for version 7.

The framework, the "Do you chuck!" is pronounced, looks at a total fun-year-old story. Employees of 11 and GMX have started it at the time as an open source project. Version 1.0 was published at the end of 2009, and the hitherto youngest major version 5 is already six years old. At the beginning of 2019, the team published his tarpaulin for Qooxdoo 6.0, which was largely developed according to the former blog post, but has now used two years to the release.

You compile!

The large innovation is the JavaScript-based compiler that replaces the previous generator on a python basis. According to the QooxDoo team, the new compiler is the first rough extension of the open source project, which has sent the framework after the time at 11. From compatibility, projects can be implemented in advance with the old generator. However, he is considered outdated (deprecated) and will disappear according to the current planning level in version 7 final.

A migration guide should help switch to the new toolchain. With the Tool QX, developers can not only compile their applications, but also add packages.

Chuck: Version 6.0 of the JavaScript framework Qooxdoo brings new compiler

On is an online browser with available packages.

New is the Github-based package system, which can be labeled the repository of the version management service by matching tags as QooxDoo extensions.

Test you!

For further innovations that have been published since the publication of version 5.0.0 are captured in Qooxdoo, the test engine called Test Takers, which can call on the command line and is designed for automated tests in CI / CD pipelines (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery). In addition, the current release brings a new theme called Tangible, which is inspired by Google’s material design.

Chuck: Version 6.0 of the JavaScript framework Qooxdoo brings new compiler

With test tappers, test runs can be automated.

The QooxDoo team has also optimized storage management and, among other things, uses the garbage collection methods of timetable JavaScript engines.

Further innovations in QooxDoo 6 can be found in the improvement, which the release referred to as quite stable as the developers have been using the current branch for applications in productive use for a good six years. The source code is available at Github with license.

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