Child soldier use 2003

More and more children move into the war

Child Soldier Use 2003 is the fabled name of a report of the coalition to stop the use of child soldiers. Kofi Annan becomes in it u.a. Convicted, in the future regularly the names of the organizations unopdruming which child soldiers use and recruits.

Such a list has given it for the first time in December 2002. The UN Resolution 1460 (PDF) adopted in January 2003 then condemns the recruitment of child soldiers and provides for macers against responsible government credits and opposition groups. An effect remained from: "Child Soldier Use 2003" Includes the period from January to September 2003 and comes to the conclusion that the number of fighting children did not break up last year, but even sharply rose in some areas.

Child Soldier Use 2003


A "massive increase" the report for Liberia (cf. Mission impossible?), Congo and the ivory custo, three countries where peace processes are actually running – but obviously do not grasp. The list of governments of Burma, Burundi and Uganda, as well as armed groups from these countries and nine other: Afghanistan, Colombia, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Chechnya. Even in Colombia, even more children, often used as soldiers, were often used and forced to wear weapons or explosive projectiles. Madchen often serve as a soldier and as sex slave of adult soldiers. Demonstrations, rape and stapling stress belonged to the everyday life of children’s soldiers.

Child Soldier Use 2003

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the number of children recruited by the Tamil Tigers of Eelam (LTTE) also takes constant. 70.000 children are said to have served in 2003 in the government army of Burma. In Sierra Leone, thousands of children were recruited from rebel groups and forced to cruel actions, for example, for example, to learn civilians; Not infrequently, the children get drugs, so that their hits and inhibitions loose. In Northernuganda, Madchen should be sworn by Rebelfuhrers and then forced to stroll their babies on the jaw to fight against the Ugandan safety force.

Seven weeks after I arrived, there was a fight. It was an attack on the paramilitars. We dulted seven of them. She taught one of us. After that we had to drink her blood to defeat our fear. Only those who were afraid had to do that. I was the most fear of all, because I was new and I was the youngest.

"Adriana", Recruited from the Colombian Guerrilla Farc, was at the time of the events described twists

There are about 300,000 children’s soldiers worldwide according to UNICEF. The coalition to stop the use of child soldiers urgently calls the United Nations for action. Tomorrow the topic should be discussed in the UN Security Council in New York.


UBLIGEN: After the document published in October by Terre des Hommes, former children’s soldiers as flight rates in Germany " Former children’s soldiers hardly have a chance to receive asylum law in Germany as they are from German jurisdiction as "Flag’s land without political persecution" be considered.

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