Cdu: election campaign for one “keep it up” with children

CDU: election campaign for one'weiter so' mit kindern

The Healing World Election Battle of Union Parties has little to do with your program. Symbol image: Daniel Roos on Pixabay (Public Domain)

Who has read the election program of the Union Parties, can hardly be associated with this campaign. For this, your own offspring is thrown into the scales

For example, the Union Parties could almost give themselves to their election campaign – their main societal bundnis 90 / the green and SPD made so capital mistakes that CDU and CSU maybe just had to behave calm and unavoidable to stay strongest power.

Although the SPD wants to stand out by the Union in the election campaign, but still considered a good idea to set up an excretive Minister of the Groben Coalition as Chancellor’s candidates, which provided the base for Arger and leads to one another party outlet. Grununen have set up a candidate, which after a short high flight in the surveys as damaged that one taz-Author wrote on the weekend, Annalena Baerbock have with their self-control "the feminism proved a cash service". Baerbock had failed on his own ambition because they bothered their CV and a little too often serves the Copy-and-paste function when writing their book.

All other parties do not expect opportunities for the Chancellery and thus have not announced no candidates for that. Union parties did not necessarily spread a video in which the CDU boss and Chancellor’s candidate Armin Laschet talks to the gentle voice of a Marchenonkel, as is vulnerable and strong at the same time, in order to keep the habit animals under the eligible eligible.

No models

You may need no campaign under the motto in September for the general election in September "Make Germany together", which one can only take seriously if you have not read your election program. Then they had to photograph any children for election posters, of which no man woman, as they think about it in ten years. On these posters is CDU General Secretar Paul Ziemiak but is very proud.

In the performance of the election campaign on Tuesday in the Berlin Konrad-Adenauer house, he emphasized that the persons pictured – including adults – are not a model, but members and employees of his party, who had participated from conviction. However, CDU members have to be at least 16 years old, members of the young Union at least 14 years. On the much more young children pictured, Ziemiak did not go. CDU Press Review Philip Kuhn confirmed on demand from Telepolis, that these are children of members and employees of the party.

Ziemiak emphasized the press conference that there has been a strict hygiene concept for the photo shoot to prevent contagions with the coronavirus – and that he personalize family politics "particularly important" may be. "We want to strong families", so ziemiak.

Become without red

"We will combine economic strong with consistent climate protection and social security", says Kanzlerkandidat Laschet in the election campaign video without becoming red. In the election program of the Union Parties "for stability and renewal" However, there is a very different topic in the first place, namely aubropolitical rough ambitions, which as "New responsibility in Germany in the world" be called. The target of NATO to spend two percent of gross domestic product for rusting and militar, should therefore be maintained in order to modernize the military object. At the "black zero" In budgetary policy, however, it should be held; and tax threats should not exist. If this promise is held, other election campaign items were allowed to turn out as a hot air.

As a long-term goal for the modernization of Germany, in the program for the general election "Climate neutritat up to 2045" promised – in the election campaign is suggested that there are decisive steps in the current legislative period, such as in the energy transport and agricultural policy. But that’s not out of the election program. Instead, there is emphasized, as the German economy is currently being hedged by the pandemic and that they are not surpassed now. "It is clear to us: In order for the economy to get started again and we can create new prosperity, if companies can not be imposed on new burdens", I am on page 34. Even vague social promises in the election campaign were therefore allowed to stay hot air.

With the children involved, all that may be somewhat spaded – whether this will happen to occasions is questionable, because Ziemiak is good in drawing the priorities of young people in the face of the environmental and climate craze in the laughable, as in 2019 his mocks over the then 16 year-year activist Greta Thunberg has shown.

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