Call-up program: confederation and lander finance ki courses for students

Call-up program: Confederation and Lander finance KI courses for students

The federal government has launched a new demand, which should provide access to courses in Machine Learning (ML) possible to complete all students of German universities. The goal is obvious that academics and academics are transferred to experts with competence in Ki (artificial intelligence).

According to the Ministry of Education and Research, the case loans should first be a total of € 133 million, which the federal government represents 90 percent and finance the REST fund. German universities can according to the Member of the Ministry until 30. Apply for April 2021 Request for ML courses. Each educational device KONNE received a maximum of 2 million euros, for composite projects up to fun millions ready. The program should run for four years.

Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) holds according to Machine Learning for one "Concentration technology of the future" and exercise optimistic that students offer the German economy and science competitive through the additional qualification offered in the long term as a specialist. In addition, she promises to be the program that it could reduce the student breaks. How exactly what is to work is not out of the opinion.

Artificial intelligence for all specialists

Legal basis for the claim is a Bund-Lander Agreement of December 2020 "Artificial intelligence in higher education". With the strategy for artificial intelligence, the Federal Government wants to significantly increase government investment in the federal government, namely to 5 billion euros (previously 3 billion planned). So far, the initiative criticized not only from the opposition, as experts "Overall concept" miss. As part of the broader KI and data strategy, the Confederation had targeted the establishment of a hundred additional thousand for machine learning. Apparently, however, but only a few are occupied by it.

The price offered by the Ministry of Education is not expressively disclosed on students of MINT experts, but should study students "In all specialist and partial disciplines" be accessible. According to the Ministry, the training should make a contribution to the Data Literacy and raise the data expertise of the entire population in the long term. Especially Schuler and students are initially the focus of offers, but also university staff in teaching and administration should be further developed with claims of collectors and countries.

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