California allows robotic car test drives without human guard

California allows robotic car test drives without human guard

Autonomot Automobile by Google. Photo: Michael Shick. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Federal Council criticizes Federal Minister of Transport Dobrind’s legal framework for autonomous cars

A design of the design of the California traffic farming DMV for new rules to the Test of Autonomous Automobiles provides that test drives on public straws should be classified in the car in the car without human resource. In December 2015, the author still demanded that robot cars who want to bring companies such as Google (or alphabet) in the next decade, only on the strain, if they have pedals and a steering wheel, behind which a driver with a driver’s license sitting, which is constantly watching the traffic carefully and liable for inflate and traffic control enhanced.

Autonomous cars

California allows robotic car test drives without human guard

Prototype of an autonomous automobile of Nissan. Photo: Norbert Aepli. License: CC by 3.0

Google representatives such as the then robotic car development leader Chris Urmson had not only in comments on these tarpaulins of 2015 "highly destroyed", but also "perplexed" Shown and warned, with the regulations, one reduces the potential of technology and set the progress and freedom unnecessary limits. In addition, one will expect the disabled and other persons who can not drive driving – what Teresa Favuzzi of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers Permitted the DMV proposals on Twitter as discriminatory fire markets (cf. Google, California DMV and Disabled Presenting Rules for Driverless Cars).

"Shackles of the sampling commerce" and "wasted hours"

In addition, representatives of the Group emphasized that with real robot cars, the 94 percent of all unfalls can prevent the human failure to cause the cause and reminded of the "Shackles of the sampling commerce", the "wasted hours" and the "committed mobility" of the status quo, which the DMV reks. Urmson pointed out about the extremely positive feedback from Burgern from the test areas in the California Mountain View – but also from the Texan Austin. A subtle reminder of the fact that Google could also relocate his robotic car development if it makes California too heavy to the company. Auber Google Test in California also the companies Tesla, Apple, Uber, Delphi, Cruise, Audi, Daimler, Bosch, Nissan, Honda and Ford Autonomous automobiles.

Patent dispute between Google and Uber

The tests of the UBER cars, however, are dominated by an intellectual impunity between the Group resulting from a search engine and the driving service promoter: The alphabet subsidiary Waymo submitted an application for an investment in a court in San Francisco yesterday, in which it is asserted that a subsidiary purchased about and his for 680 million dollars "Otto" with the currently used ambient scanning technology Waymo patents injured.

The claim is based on an eidy explanation of a software forecast, which according to the former Google employees and Otto-Grunder Anthony Levandowski in 14.000 took on secret documents of his old employer before falling in love with this in January 2016. Two developers who followed Levandowski to Otto should have helped further documents. The forensic investigations love Waymo according to own information after a supplier to the company in the CC field of a mail inadvertently made only a certain design and specifications, which had rough similarities with Waymos Lidar system. Uber denies the premieges and talks about trying to hinder a competitor.

Germany: Federal Council fears "tremendous risks"

In Germany, the Bundestag served yesterday on one of Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt, designed in the Strain Transport Act, the driver of autonomous cars obliged to be ready at any time to take control of the control. "To the pure passenger, the motorist can not yet be", like heise cars found.

The Federal Council, in which the Greats are currently a member of the 16 state representatives, speaks in his opinion from Friday anyway "enormous risks" and the requirement "the draft and in particular the provisions for the permission operation and the necessary system requirements of fully automated vehicles fundamentally relocated." Among other things, it should be ensured, "that the vehicle driver does not perceive a warning signal due to potential other activities". In addition, one would have to have the risks of one "unmitled automated driving system" talk about a compilation of the cash conditions.

A built-in book money for motorcyclists and construction site vehicles, which are caught in winter without winter tires, the Federal Council wants to abolish again. The politicians apparently did not take into account in the decree of the provision that there are no winter tires with M + S identifier for many of these vehicles (which are frequently logged out in the cold months).

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