Burger should hoard food

who "image" Reads, buys sour cucumbers on Monday

In contrast to your online readers are the "image"-Editors everything else than rested. Often they just define a brisant topic to quickly raise weeks later than supposedly highly brisant and sensational in their leaf. Examples there is enough view of the page of Bildblog. And the latest example is a report on the beginning of September from the Berlin consumer ministry that is networked side rename provision.DE, which not only recommends creating an emergency supply for times of crisis, but also calls the things that the Burger should be ahead of Hamstern.

Daruber was already reported nationwide weeks ago. Also about the diligent grocery list, which ranges from dry plums over a glass of acidic cucumbers (190 grams of draining weight) to 21 liters of mineral water as a drank supply. And although the author still has a lot of candles at home, which he has bought himself shortly before the millennium change together with several boxes of beer and water as a precaution, the ministerial stock calculator understood a rough charm that he just had to be tried out.


Cereals, cereal products, bread, potatoes: 13.725 kg of vegetables, Hulsen fridge: 6.1 kg fruits: 6.1 kg of drink: 107.10 l milk, dairy products: 13.725 kg fish, meat, eggs: 6.1 kg fats, Ole: 1.525 kg

That should therefore be enough for two weeks. Well, alcohol and cigarettes are devil’sze.

But also this little private emergency calculation is already a few weeks old. And almost goods they are completely forgotten, if not picture.Developed on Sunday with the meantime on the meantime: "Burger should hoard food – Consumer Minister Renate Kunast wants to prepare the Germans on terrorist attacks and natural disasters. The Grunen politician calls the Burger on the Internet to create an emergency supply of food!" And that suggested like a bomb: Already at 10 o’clock the site was aware of nutrition.DE Do not reach anymore because obviously picture.DE-readers are Fruhaufers and probably clicked the mass curiously on the page.

This is called: Anyone who sees people on Monday, towing the carton-saure cucumbers and dry fruits home, the woman then exactly what these people read. And a web side, which obviously after a "image"-Report goes straight into the knee, is probably unsuitable for the disaster or crisis case. Unless "image"-Report is already the disaster.

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