Building the united state presentation in iraq against iraq against iran and russia?

Building the USA Troop Presence in Iraq against Iran and Russia?

Destruction after the Iranian attack on the Stutzpunkt Al-Asad. Image: dod

Iraq wants to take the deduction of US troops and more NATO Prasence after the tottion of Soleimani, but it’s about a difficult geopolitical chess game

The murder attack on the Al-Quds General Soleimani, not agreed with Iraq, has also killed Iraqis, especially Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis, the Vice commander of Shiite Milizen (PMU). The Iraqi parliament spoke – in the absence of the Sunni and Kurdish deputies – for a deduction of all US troops from the country, since the "Targeted totung" with drones the sovereignty of the country and the agreement with the US government have violated the use of US troops. The Iraqi head of government Adil Abdul Mahdi had initiated the maaking.

Before the Iranian counterkeens took place on two US support points in Iraq, which had been communicated to Iraqi guided and thus took place under toleration of Baghdad, a letter from the US commander in Iraq to the Defense Ministry circulated after the decision of Parliament, in the Troop Version were exploited, but also the speech of preparations for a troop deduction was. The Pentagon sought the letter as mistakenly sent, but that does not seem to vote (letter from Brigadegeneral William Seame for the deduction of US troops creates confusion), as little as the American representation of the Iranian attack with precision marching carts on Al-Asad (Showdown Iran -Usa: a theater magic?To). It first, starting from Prasident Trump, did not give any losses, meanwhile, the number of injured soldiers has already risen to 50.

Trump collected according to the decision of Iraqi Parliament: We will "with sanctions occupy how they have never seen them. This will make the Iranian sanctions be sent in tame." One has built about a very expensive air forces in Iraq, which has cost billions of dollars: "We will not go before you have not paid us that." In his opinion on the Iranian attack, he already explained that NATO should take more responsibility, trump wants to remove the troops from the crisis areas before the elections.

the "Power of the good"

On the 10th. January there was an opinion from the US Foreign Office, once again full of self-lobe: "America is a power of good in the Middle East." Therefore, you do not think of troops from Iraq and will continue to get the IS. Actually because of the protests Iraqi head of government Adil Abdul Mahdi, which is further in office, reached the stimulation of Trumps, US troops that are increasingly attacked by Shiite militia to replace through troops of other NATO states, while from the USA Further threats came (troop deduction: USA threaten Iraq again).

Done has not been done so far, but in Baghdad you seem to try out the clamp. Abdelkarim Khalaf, Speaker of Adel Abdel Mahdi, said, talk to Canada, France, Great Britain (from Germany, who was so happy to come into responsibility is not the speech). IMPORTANT is Baghdad that no US fighting troops are stationed and that Iraqi airspace is no longer used.

The US special sentiment for Syria, James Jeffrey, gave a little diplomatic. A coarse role of NATO was buried, he did not speak of a deduction of US troops. Finally, there are also financial help and weapons for the Iraqi troops. The US militar once exposed the fight against IS to protect against attacks of Shiite militia.

Troop Presence against Iran and Russia

The Trump Government is probably not about the control of the IS, this is just to maintain the influence on the region, which is called, especially Iran and Russia – in Syria, above all, but also in Iraq, who continues to join the conflict between the Sunni, Kurdish and Shiite populations remains explosive and quickly breaked apart.

Therefore, it is quite believed if the news is made from Israeli sources that the USA in Iraq on the border with Iran build three new stall points. The troops, as was first confessed by Trump, were not deducted from Syria, but they were laid in the Suden to secure Syrian olource, which first served the Kurdish SDF as a source of revenue and not in the hands of the Assad Government should fall.

The new start-up points are to be built in the near Sulimani, Halabja’s city and near Erbil. The concentration on the Kurdish areas in Iraq is clear, here the US has the strongest jerkiness. This is why Iran should be made more difficult to provide militias in Syria and above all the Hezbollah in Lebanon with weapons.

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