Brexit: is a staged crash before?

Brexit: Is a staged crash before?

Only a few days left us from 12. April, for the once more coincidence exit from the European Union is provided – a comment

Whether it comes to it, nobody can predict. British Prime Minister May has Brussel in the past week for a renewed deferral to the 30. June asked. EU-Council’s President Donald Tusk has even suggested another postponement by one year.

However, in both cases, Rough Britain had to choose from the European Parliament on 26. May this year participate. However, this was allowed the 17.4 million Britons in the referendum on 23. Hocked in June 2016 for a Brexit, barely liked and could make her anger after 2 ¾ years of futile waiting for a surprise.

In this case, the British police are currently preparing. She announced a few days ago that for the case of riots in the country 10.000 policemen ready, which were ready for use within 24 hours.

What nobody currently speaks is the historical possibility that was opened by such a scenario of the global financial elite – from the following reasons:

After the central banks have streamled their monetary policy last year, it has come to the big boric bumps in December for 70 years. In order to stop the exhausting trend, the most important central banks, especially the Fed and the ECB, responded immediately and a return to loose monetary policy.

This has not only reared the market, but for the best Borsenstart for years and a long-lasting monthly rally. But these brings the old problems with them: the bubbles continue to grow and threaten to burst. And not only that: Due to the low interest rates, the debt against 2007/2008 has risen sharply, so that the risks in the system are high today than ten years ago. A crash had much worse consequences.

Therefore, the global financial elite was currently not allowed to wish more than taking prere from the market and distract themselves. Here you can hardly escape the historical chance that has been offering aflow of Brexit unrest – namely yourself to stage a crash, to benefit from it and to present the openness with the Brexit-Beffern also a whitening for the resulting distortions.

Hedge funds and gross banks had to take advantage of their market power for this purpose, to exploit a sale of the financial markets and bring the courses into slides. And the goods are not even everything: Previously, they could bet on falling courses as well as a falling pound and then use the crash to go to shopping with a filled bags.

A staged in this way – and thus by the financial elite – controlled – crash was not only giving you huge profits, he also offered the chance, his consequences of the "unravel" and "stir" Push brexit bleepers in the shoes.

EU guided in Brussel Kame such a staged crash was not unavailable: she could present his consequences of all those who demand a deterrent example as a deterrent example, such as Catalonia as a deterrent.

The coming days and weeks will show where the journey goes. In any case, you should not have to be swapped by the mainstream media whose reporting focuses on the British Parliament and EU Burocracy. The actual decision of the Brexit and the future face of the EU will not be falled in Brussels or in London, but – as always – in the leadership of the international coarse banks and hedge funds.

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