Bremen: red-grun can move on – but without burger boring [update]

AFD achieves 5.7 percent with Lucke-Kurstmann

An official final result of the choice of science in Bremen will be announced on Wednesday because of a power failure. Meanwhile, official extrapolations allow the statement that the red-green state government can move on with 44 out of a total of 83 seats in burgerism with a scarce majority, although the AFD managed with 5.7 percent in the country parliament.

Numbers announced this morning, the SPD comes with a loss of 5.7 points to 32.9 percent. Grunen stancies with 7.2 percent still significantly strong and land at 15.3 percent now. The CDU reaches its election destination in high 25 percent plus X nevertheless by far not. It comes with a plus of 2.2 points to 22.6 percent. As the cause of their losses and unexpectedly weak profits, the three parties do unison the election participation decreased from 55 to about 50 percent.

Winners of the election are next to the AFD the Left Party and the FDP. The left wins 3.6 points and is now with 9.2 percent as strong as almost anywhere else in West Germany. And the liberals put 4.1 points with the 29-year quota opponent Lencke Steiner and come to 6.5 percent. Steiner, who was no FDP member until yesterday, joined the party on election night. She was not the only reason why Wahler decided yesterday for Liberals.

Bremen: Red-grun can move on - but without burger boring [update]

Choice winner Lencke Steiner. Photo: © Robin Krahl. Source: Wikimedia Commons. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

That on 15. April-known projects of SPD and CDU, to reorganize a new data retention, reminded Burger nationwide that it was especially FDP politicians who prevented these and similar projects in the last legislature. Even the proposal from the Federal Chairman Christian Lindner a week ago ahead of a week to extinguish Greece temporarily from the eurozone, has apparently used the liberal rather than damaged.

The sevente party represented in Bremen burgerism are the immigration-critical burgers in anger (BIW) nationwide to 3.3 percent, but in Bremerhaven surprised the funf percent hurde, which is why a parliamentary seat is certainly safe. The fact that the AFD with the Luke-Flahel-Man Christian Scherer managed despite this competition through the BIW, the Funf percent hurde is to be skipped, the quasi chairman of the party will be happy:

Lucke Plant according to the mirror according to the 18. May one "Accounting" With the East German state chairman Alexander Gauland, Bjorn squat and Frauke Petry. A report of the image newspaper, according to the professor for macrooconomy from the AFD and wants to grate its own new party with the former BDI spokesman Hans-Olaf Henkel and other attachments, was allegedly deliberately launched by Luckes adversaries Konrad Adam and should be wrong be.

Update: In the meantime, the Bremer Burgermeister Jens drilling has been concerted, he draws the consequences of the fact that the SPD in Bremen has been the worst result since 1946, and therefore no longer becomes a head of government. Who will be his successor is still open.

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