Brazil’s corrupt grades set to the coup

Brazil's corrupt grades set to the coup

Dilma Roussff brought her transaction back to the government in Marz. Image: Jose Cruz – Agência Brasil / CC-BY-3.0

Majority in parliament gives grunes light for procedure for the termination of Prasidente Dilma Roussff. But many of them are indeed criminal

Now it goes in Latin America blow: after the victory of the Neoliberal Rights in Argentina (Conservative Candidate Macri wins in Argentina) and campaigns for the destabilization of Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia now sets the upper class in Brazil for offensive against Prasidente Dilma Rouseff and the rulers Workers Party (PT).

In the course of an official entertainment procedure, more than two-thirds of the deputies have made little surprisingly surprisingly on Sunday for investigations. Previously, two formerly with Roussff bonded parties had resigned successively from the coalition. The interlocking, which is mainly buried in the wealthy neighborhoods of the coarse city of frenetically, is thus suggested in tangible. As in other middle-left states of the region of the region is the fall of political guided and a neoliberal restoration thus also conceivable in Brazil again. Not without reason Rousseff and her trail of a coup attempt. Now it depends on the rule of law of the judiciary.

Over five hours, the vote in Parliament had deducted itself. Everyone and each deputy cheered the respective vote with a short intervention. In the end, the result was clear: 367 MPs agreed on the official entertainment procedure, 137 against it. Two deputies were missing, seven contained.

The opponents of the government throw Roussff to meet with the household to improve their opportunities in the election campaign 2014. Thus, a bottleneck at the social welfare fund for families with deposits of public banks should have been repeated, in other cases the congress had allegedly had to agree on awarded loans. All this is hardly proven and plenty constructed. Nevertheless, Roussff and their PT are with the jerking to the wall.

After the apparently detailed rezug the Liberal Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) and the Progressive Party (PP), the PT has no majority. Observers ame that in mid-May a simple majority in the Senate follows the vote of Parliament. Then Senate and Supreme Court must examine the premieges against Roussff. The premium was suspended for a maximum of 180 days.

County of the corrupt

In reports of international media, the ongoing procedure against Rousseff is repeated with a first glance similar process against its officer Fernando Collor in 1992. The difference could not be gross: Collor, who had only had a negligently small assistant base, had been suspended from Parliament in a rule of law and supported by the population process and finally resigned from its own stuck.

In the case of Roussff, the political opponents of the 68-year-old never detected a direct entanglement in illegal machinations. So Rousseff is accused of a corruption scandal around the State Petrobe Group Petrobras, even though she himself has repeatedly supported the declaration. Unlike the prasidentine, a coarse part of the parliamentarians itself is demonstrably entangled in corruption trap. The population is deeply cleaved, as demonstrations of both bearings showed over 70 cities in the country.

So there is evidence of an extensive network between deputies and companies that have gained public prizes to benefit public prices. "If someone of corruption should be charged, then it is not Prasidente Rousseff, but the National Congress itself", Write the Economic Professor Pedro Paulo Bastos Mittelh, who also referred to the procedure given the constellation and political-legal underlying as a coup.

It is important to understand that Rousseff has lost in the congress on jerking since in 2011 an anti-corruption campaign has proclaimed in public structures. In the course of this initiative, today’s parliamentary language Eduardo Cunha lost its access to the state electrical company Furnas. Rousseff has created a bitter enemy at that time, which is now putting on a counterintaker: Cunha is involved in feather-proof at the official entertainment procedure.

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