Brake pulle for electromobile

Different plugs and billing systems hinder the use

Anyone who uses an E-Mobil today has, in addition to the limited range, the high acquisition cost and the sometimes long loading times with different plugs and billing systems, which hinder the use in the day-to-day practice. The Million provided for 2020 seems to be barely feasible. Helps the LadesAule Ordinance adopted on Friday in the German Federal Council now to finally bring and unify the charging infrastructure, so that E-Mobile can not only be used in the nearer environment of the domestic charging station?

Feels to return to the initial times of the automobile when there was no gas station network yet and you had to buy the fuel bottle in the then existing drug stores. You could never be sure that the locational fuel advance could ensure the continuation of the planned goal.

European confusion

For alternating current charging stations there are plugs of variants type 1, type 2 and type 3a. For direct current the CCS (Combined Charging System), which is mainly distributed in German makes. Chademo (Charge de Move), which is used by the Japanese manufacturers of Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi, and partly General Motors in the area of e-mobilitat, is another non-compatible male standard.

Add to this other plug-in systems such as Schuko, Cee Red, Cee Blue and the connection of Tesla. In Germany, the system SLAM, the rapid store network for axes and metropolises of the CCS standard is forced, during the EU requires the plug type 2 that should be compatible with CCS.

Brake Pulle for Electromobile

Type 2 sockets and plug. Photo: loremo. License: CC by 2.0

There are now plugless induction charging systems, in which the vehicles are turned off on plates that are embedded in the asphalt. The auto industry is already working on such methods of "Inductive shops". Thus, the different plug-in systems were overflowed. However, if the vehicle driver has to turn off its vehicle exactly via the charging plate, because otherwise the efficiency of transmission significantly decreases.

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