Borsenuberflyer and industry chrition tesla

Borsenuberflyer and industry chrition Tesla

The hype around the e-auto pioneer Tesla was always rough – but what is currently happening to the company, seeks its kind. Since the end of June, the company’s boral value is shot by more than 85 billion at last 286 billion dollars up. Thus, Tesla is by far away from the world’s highest car manufacturer in the world. The three US rivals General Motors (GM), Ford and Fiat Chrysler brought it together to just over 80 billion dollars. And also the German Trio Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW is filed miles.

One year ago, Tesla was still fighting with deep red numbers, the funds were scarce, the doubts about the future of the company roughly. Then it achieved three quarters of black numbers in series. Suddenly the previously chronic lossy group seems profitable and lifts off at the Borse.

While the global car market is braked by the Corona crisis, Tesla in the mass market is wide. In the second quarter, Musk’s company became much more cars than expected as expected. Unlike the competition that has to fight with closed car dealerships and commissioning customers, Tesla sets online sales and hardly comes with production and delivery because of the numerous pre-orders.

Fan articles in the online shop out

Tesla-Grunder Elon Musk Gentle the success of his company in full swing. Around "Shortseller", betting on course losses, he brought him "Tesla Short Shorts" Out: The short satin pants with golden company logo were relevant in limited edition in the online shop – and despite a proud price of $ 69.42 immediately out of print. "Damn, we broke the website!", he tweeted in the face of the gross rush.

Why is a company that has hardly earned any money and relatively small stucco numbers, more value than all the coarse Germans and US carmakers together? Financial market expectations are a game with the future, you do not have to reflect the actual substance of a company. The Hype about Tesla also shows how decoupled the boron trading can be of the real economic basis. Software architectures are actually valuable

But the voices of those who believe that Teslas lead was only difficult to obtain in software and digitization. "The core competence, which Tesla makes so valuable, is less in the field E-Mobilitat", said the executive board of the second-gray car supplier Continental, Elmar Degenhart, the DPA. Decisive in the assessment is rather the know-how in new "Electronics architectures, their programming, wireless updates, the associated safety requirements and networking of the car with the Cloud".

Right there are volume providers like VW, where both the new Gulf as well as the electro-hoping carrier ID.3 have problems with problems, difficult. VW Software Chief Christian Senger is to give the management of the IT organization, which is currently launched in the day’s business, is to be horen from corporate circles. But he should continue in the Group possible in another place.

Degenhart emphasized it should be remembered that Tesla does not have to take any acknowledgeable model numbers and "On the Grunen meadow" Founded. In fact, Musk does hardly make significant significant. Toyota delivered in the youngest quarter with 398.029 new cars alone in the USA more than Tesla throughout the past year worldwide.

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