Bmw and ford invest in solids battery manufacturers

BMW and Ford invest in solids battery manufacturers

The carmakers BMW and Ford have increased their investments in the US company Solid Power to secure high-performance, cost-effective solids batteries for artificial electric car generations.

As BMW announced today in Munchen, Volta Energy Technologies also participated in a further investment round of $ 130 million in US dollars. So that Konne Solid Power produce complete batteries and expand production capacity. At the beginning of 2022, the production of car-suitable batteries will begin on a pilot production line, said company boss Doug Campbell.

More efficient, more sustainable and safer

BMW development board Frank Weber said the solids battery promise more efficient, more sustainable and safer electric vehicles. Ford and BMW were from 2022 cells with a capacity of 100 amp lessons for tests and vehicle integration. They are energetic, safer and cheaper than the most powerful today’s good lithium-ion battery cells.

For solid batteries, the charge is no longer transported by a liquid support material. The cells can become as easier, which increases the range of vehicles. In addition, a higher energy density and faster charging are conceivable. BMW wants to realize a solids mixer for series use by the end of the decade.

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