Bill gates’ mini-akw comes to wyoming

Bill Gates' Mini-AKW comes to Wyoming' mini-akw kommt nach wyoming

The TerraPower company Bill Gates is supposed to build a sodium-cooled nuclear power plant with 345 MW power together with the energy supplier Pacificorp in the US state of Wyoming. The two companies have announced together with the governor of the state of Mark Gordon.

As a location, a deserted coal-fired power plant will be propered, comes from a Pacificorp message. Currently, possible locations are evaluated until the end of this year should be a state. Before that, the stakeholders still want to make public work and to obtain advanced permits at the state and federal level.

The power plant mentioned also “mini-akw” should be a demonstration project. With the fully functional power plant with a salt base energy storage system, the planning, construction and operational features of sodium technology were tested, it is called.

State support

The US Energy Ministry agreed with TerraPower in May 2021 a financial syringe of $ 80 million. The US Congress has provided $ 160 million, according to the communication for such projects, 160 million US dollars. How much money should cost the planned demonstration project, was not announced.

The nuclear power plant with sodium cooling has developed terrapower together with GE Hitachi. The fuel is low-enriched uranium with a content of 5 to 25 percent to uranium-235. The system is expected to be 500 MW over five hours to cancel top requirements in the short term. Sodium is used because of its opposites of water of high wet redemption and should be better suited for hot release in relatively small space. Gates, the terrapower withgrown 15 years ago, sodium described in a grub word as a “Game Changer” for the energy industry.

Apart from the still unresolved problem of the final position of the accumulating nuclear dull, critic to meet climate change quickly and effectively take the construction of new nuclear power plants too long. Both better to put on existing and immediately usable production of renewable energy. Bill Gates, on the other hand, sees the nuclear power as the best way, as they can supply energy to all day and seasons.


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