This year, the prize is awarded for the first time for the first time in Germany

In Germany this year is awarded for the first time BigBrotheraward for the first time. A prize for institutions, companies and organizations, which in a special way the privacy of people sustainably affect.

The initiative is worn, which still over the web side www.BIG-BROTHER AWARD.DE, later at to be achieved by the Bielefeld club for social contract technology design Foebud, the Chaos Computer Club and the German company for privacy.

The award ceremony will take place on 26. October in Bielefeld instead, at the same time with similar events in Austria and Switzerland. Until the 25th. September, price-sensitive candidates can be proposed via the mains side. The nominated institutions, organizations or companies should be invited to awarded and speech. However, the winners of the Easter-Rich BigBrotherawards do not use a chance that the winners of the Easter-Rich BigBrotherawards. Underneath different EU parliamentarians who "For their attempt to print the Enfopol Abhrinitiative in a night and fog campaign in the European Parliament", The doubtful honor had to be excellent (Easter Kurt his big brother).

For the German organizers, the award ceremony is part of their declaration work on privacy and data misuse. Just "Today, after the spread of the Internet and the home computer in almost every young household, many people can suspect which dangers collect and combat data in themselves," it is called on the mains side of the initiators in one "Letter of intent".

Concrete declaration is therefore necessary because diffuse anxiety so far has a general acceptance z. B. New ordering routes prevented themselves as a brake in the eCommerce. "Here, the BigBrotheraward Germany can work catalyzing: He talks disappropriately who can encourage both the industry, as well as consumers for asking, thinking and manufacturing."

For the network artist Padeluun, one of the co-initiators, but the hoped-for explanation is not only aimed at the broad mass. He kone, he says, "do not replace the feel that the ones who have taught me earlier, which with data processing everything is possible and why privacy is so immensely important, those who write the software for the ‘virtual communities’ that the burgers of any date from the Fingers suck."

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