Biden calls for hacker attacks from putin

Biden calls for Hacker attacks from Putin

After the youngest hacker attacks in the US and other countries, US Prassident Joe Biden has asked the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin to act against the taders. In a place of synonymous phone call with Putin have biders on Friday "Continuous ransomware attacks of criminals based in Russia" addressed, the woman shared house. Russia should seize on mind. The US took all the necessary steps to protect their population and their critical infrastructure.

The group of Revil located in Russia

Most recently, Hacker had attacked a vulnerability of the American IT service provider of Kaseya in the past weekend of the American IT service provider with Erpreng software (Ransomware). The group Revil, which was located in Russia, demanded $ 70 million (about 59 million euros) in digital detergition Bitcoin for a general connection to all affected computers.

Revil previously stuck behind an attack on the world-growing meat joint JBS. In front of JBS, the operator met one of the most important gas pipelines in the USA. Germany was already aim of attacks.

Putin calls for cooperation both sides without "politicization"

The United States criticize two different types of hacker attacks from Russia: on the one hand of criminals that can attack Unserporary goals abroad; On the other hand by Russian intelligence services on ministries, authorities and companies in the USA. Therefore, they have already directed sanctions against Russia. The Russian government denies such attacks. Putin also complains cyber attacks against Russian jobs.

Russian Prasident pointed out in the telephone call to Kreml information that despite the Russian willingness to work, together "Criminal incidents in the information sphare" to do any requests from US institutions last month. Given the severity of the challenges, both sides should be without "politicization" work together. To do this, channels should be used between the state structures.

US representative contradicted the Kremlin representation

A high-level US government official contradicted the Kremlin representation. The US had "Several specific inquiries" After males against cybercriminals to Russia. Biden had prompted Putin before repeatedly to take mails against hackers – most recently at their two summit in mid-June in Geneva. There both agreed to record talk about cyber security. Biden also warned against consequences, the attacks should spread.

When asked if the youngest attacks had followed, bidets answered: "Yes." He has Putin "very clearly" made that the USA expected from him. The US government official said, with reactions Washington should be expected in the coming days or weeks. But he will not talk in advance to which measures they are.

Objectives in the US and Russia

In the telephone basis, according to the wife house, the decision of the UN Security Council, which unanimously agreed on Friday on a compromise for the continuation of vital humanitarian aid for Syria. Biden and Putin had praised the joint work of their teams after the summit in Geneva, who led to the unanimity. The Kremlin looks like. Putin also printed his condolences after the collapse of a skyscraper in the US state of Florida.

Most recently, Biden and Putin had talked about mutual attacks from Cyberspace to goals in the US and Russia at their meeting in Geneva.

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