Beppe grillo: weblogger and italian enfant terrible

At 13th. and 14. April are parliamentary elections in Italy. After the middle-left government has failed by Romano Prodi, the Wahler must once again have to the urns

Many burgers are not enthusiastic about that, at least the ninth government change since 1992. One who picks up and serves the chronic displeasure of many Italians, Beppe Grillo and is a popular comedian and successful web logger. With the help of the Internet, he fights for a clean parliament and for more democracy from below. For the 25. April he calls Italy’s Burger for the second time to an action day, the so-called "Vaffanculo-Day".

Italy’s Auberparliamentary opposition has a new gallion figure. Was their protagonists traditionally universitatisers, judges or cultural professionals such as the filmmaker Nanni Moretti or the well-known writer Umberto Eco, there is a new level in the spectrum of civil society commitments with the anti-politician Grillo. Grillo manages to address a wide layer beyond the left-in-line milieus and effectively mobilize – he is loud, polemic and modern.

Beppe Grillo

The births Genoese is a real bachese maker. He passes the prominent representatives from politics and business to the mouse and speaks out what a variety of burgers think about the establishment. The former actor and moderator makes politics without wanting politicians. Survey experts prophesies him a passable result, he advocates as a candidate for the upcoming parliamentary election. But Grillo does not want that. He stops the majority of professional politicians for dishonest and corrupt.

As a self-renowned "detonator" he was preferred to abolish the parties completely and replace them from below through a democracy. So he plads for burger lists, over the candidates can be chosen directly to parliament. To get to such a "grillo lists", hard recording criteria apply: no criminal records, transparent curriculum vitae and, above all, no party shareholder.

To spread his messages, the satirician prefers the big bean. His occurrences are the famous theaters and arenas in Milan, Rome or Verona. There pilgrims pilgrims in droves and there he is extremely successful. His shows are always sold out. Rarely a chair remains empty when he swirls in front of a huge audience over the bean. With a sweaty shirt and the accusing voice, he lectured on the mull nightstand of Naples, economic crime and other abominations.

Beppe Grillo: Weblogger and Italian Enfant Terrible

Vaffanculo-Day in Bologna

The well-maintained ritual of the cabaret artists is located in coming in each show the names of the political mandate carriers that are already conflicted with the law – including details on the act and high of the sentence filed.

In the program of the Italian TV companies, however, the camera-experienced Grillo no longer occurs. Since he started reading the politicians the Levites years ago, he stands on the black lists of the station managers.

The medium with which he carries his messages into the country is the internet. He believes in basic democracy and grass root movement. The weblog is its communication channel that allows rain exchange with its attachments and offers platform for discussions. Is negotiated on his side everything that is also content of the shows. From his critics, Grillo is likely to be a populist and clown because of its direct and unknowledged language, some journalists call him a wink than the Italian answer to Michael Moore, the American filmmaker and provocateur.

In Grillos toxic blog entrants, none of his numerous opponents is spared: Romano Prodi he mocks as a "valium tablet", Silvio Berlusconi is the "Psychozwerg" and Walter Veltroni, the former burgermal of Rome and hope carrier of a new center, called it consistently " Topo Gigio ", the space mouse, allusion to a ulcious comic figure of the 80s.

His fans love these attacks and bring an incredible prominence to his online appearance. In his home country, he is the top blogger par excellence, so successful that there is now his texts in English and Japanese translation. The Weblogdienst Technorati is the blog di Beppe Grillo in the worldwide ranking of the top 100 after all at 15th place.

His spurs in the net earned Grillo through numerous protest campaigns, which he organized in recent years. Once it was the Italian Telecom, whom he forced to reduce their rates, in a different case he made himself strong as a lawyer of a group of high-ranked small investors. In 2005, Antonio Fazio, boss of Banca d’Italia had to take his hat, after Grillo to a nationwide protest wave dranhangs and by online recourse infusion as well as a whole-sided advertisement in the renowned daily newspaper La Repubblica addressed his judicial misconditions. "Hau-Ab-Fazio" seemed throughout the country at that time.

These costly protests are financed mainly by donation calls and the sale of merchandise articles. In the meaning of modern marketing methods, however, its fans can not only order the records of his appearances or books online, but he also let his customers decide on the purchase price of a DVD itself.

In addition, the A-List blogger very successfully uses meet-ups, with which his support scene exchanges online and meet in the "real" world. A first highlight of this "Grillmanie" was the so-called "Vaffanculo-Day" (leak-me-ass-day-day), which the cabaret artist hosted last year last year. Around one and a half million people gathered on the marketplace of more than 200 Italian bads to show the politics to show the "yellow card".

Incidentally, in the network, committed "Grillini" over 300.000 signatures for his initiative "Parliamento Pulito", which should be banished all pre-sustained people’s representatives from the House of Representatives. The next V-Day is already planned and should be at the historic 25. April takes place. On this holiday, to which the Italians of the liberation commemorate fascism, the anti-politician wants to prevail primarily the media professionals. Grillo has such a doubt about the independence and integrity of many journalists. At the same time, the V2-Day is linked to signature campaigns for three referendums:

  1. Abolition of the applicable Media Law of the Government Berlusconi.
  2. Elimination of the TV duopoly MediaSet-Rai.
  3. Abolition of public financing in newspaper.

In connection with the organization of the second day of action, the Giebener Political Scientist Professional. Alexander Grasse A certain further development of Griillos campaigning: "Stand Grillo initially on a diffuse anti-agatism, his commitment now receives a new quality, his criticism becomes always praiser and his goals are more concrete."Expression of this new quality could be above all the new burger lists created to the municipal elections. Their development was allowed to become exciting in the future and a true challenge for establishing parties. "Instead of taking apart with the phanomena of Grillo, Italian politics has only watched a tenderlon. Grillo is an alarm sign from civil society, which no longer wanted to perceive for a long time, "resumes the expert for Italy studies.

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