Because calls for help for entry into e-mobilitat

Because calls for help for entry into e-mobilitat

Lower Saxony Minister Prosident Stephan Because has spoken out for supporting the auto industry when entering the E-Mobilitat, however, a direct subsidization rejects. "We can only build a battery cell production and the associated workstations in Germany only and receive when there are competitive location costs," said the SPD politician in an interview with the Berlin Tagesspiegel (Edition of 17. February 2019).

"Therefore, the relevance of energy-intensive production processes already possible to be relieved in the current cost and in particular also relief for network costs for battery cell production in the long term must be ensured."But because denied the question of whether Volkswagen should receive subsidies.

Volkswagen had recently requested support from politics on the way to the e-mobilitat. Hurden for the e-car, for example when expanding the public charging infrastructure had to be rapidly reduced, the company shared in the past week. So far, the sale of e-cars, especially in Germany, rather sluggish.

By 2025 Volkswagen wants to bring more than 20 electric cars on the market. By 2023, the Volkswagen core brand VW invests around 9 billion euros in the electromobility. Electric cars should be built at the locations Hannover and Emden. The state of Lower Saxony is one of the large shareholders at VW and stop 20 percent of the voting rights. Because is a member of the VW Supervisory Board as Minister Prosident.

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