Battle for content: apple allegedly interested in reese witherspoons media company

Battle for Content: Apple allegedly interested in Reese Witherspoons Media company

Apple apparently ranked another rough media recommendation: The Group is interested in reading Reese Witherspoons TV Production Center "HELLO SUNSHINE" Signals, like that Wall Street Journal Reported to informed persons. Hello Sunshine produces with "The Morning Show" Already one of the driving horses of Apple’s still young streaming service TV +, Reese Witherspoon is there in one of the main roles.

Success series for TV + and competition

With "Big Little read" and other series the production company of the actress but also applies Apple’s streaming competition, including HBO and Hulu, with a successful series content. Hello Sunshine at the time of support from investment banks is still selling a sale, the deal KONNE will be up to $ 1 billion heavy, writes that Wall Street Journal – But it gives "no guarantee", that ultimately a buyer find.

What Apple promises himself from taking over the production company remains unclear. It would be one of Apple’s robbered overalls of recent years, the group uses usual smaller technical companies. "The Morning Show" Is already shot exclusively for Apple TV +, the second season appears from September.

The iPhone Group has built up its own film studio over the past two years and closed several-year first-look deals with production companies of prominent personnel from the film and TV industry, which ranges from Leonardo Dicaprio Uber Ridley Scott to Martin Scorsese.

Apple TV + has to stand on his own legs

With billions, Apple has mapped his streaming service TV + out of the ground. In contrast to the competition, the Group previously releases almost exclusively on self-production and exclusive deals, a gross catalog with more or less popular Altware from film and television is missing. From Spatsummer, TV + will be on its own legs for the first time and take evidence that subscribers want to pay for Dafur: Many Apple customers have been able to use the service since the introduction of just a one and a half years for free, family release including – this multiple-length gratitude ends now.

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