Balance act inward and dub

The new Ukrainian government makes pace in the promised reforms, at the same time, she wins strange allies

Barely presented Prasident Viktor Yushchenko at the beginning of February his new cabinet, showed Prime Minister Julija Tymoschenko that she wants to live up to her reputation as an iron lady. It reduces the number of ministries and examine dubious privatizations. Head of State Yushchenko Warns Meanwhile separatist-minded Krafte in the Ostukraine.

Prasident Viktor Yushchenko on 23. February in front of the European Parliament: "The future of Ukraine is in the EU."

Occasionally comes praise from unexpected side:

I know Yushchenko now for eight years. Maybe he’s something too mild. But no bang: he was not prasident yet. As soon as we carry responsibility, we become hard. Yushchenko is a normal man…

Aleksandr Lukashenko

The fact that the new Ukrainian prasident was particularly pleased about such a nice words of his Weibussian counterpart Aleksandr Lukashenko may be doubted. Nevertheless, in the compliment of the desserts from Minsk not only attachment to the new strong man in Kiev, the long the reputation of a hauder attaching.

Because Yushchenko has left little time for popular and unpopular maws after taking office. Already the appointment of Julija Tymoschenko to the new Prime Minister betrayed courage: The spirited lady with the folkloric braid is not particularly popular in Ukraine, in the east of the country – and in some gentlemen in the Moscow Kremlin – she is deterred.

For surprises, the composition of the new Ukrainian government caused. Her parliamentary souls are above all the Yushchenko party "Our Ukraine", The Tymoschenko Block and the Socialist Party under Oleksandr Moros. It is noteworthy that the Tymoschenko block was only able to occupy a single influential item in the Cabinet in addition to the head of government: party friend Oleksandr Turtchynov became boss of the Ukrainian security service.

The new Cabinet under Prime Minister Julija Tymoschenko

Of the co-focused socialists, Oleksandr Baranivskyj received the Agricultural Department, Juriy Lutzenko the Ministry of Interior and Stanislav Nikolajenko the Ministry of Education. Your party friend Valentyna Semenjuk is in conversation as a head of the influential state ownership fund. These appointments are also interesting, because the socialists actually as the Yushchenko program "to liberal" View and because above all Baranivsky’s reputation of a political predryful.

Strab campers and KGB telecommunications

With Lutzenko, for the first time in Ukraine, a civilian at the top of the Ministry of the Interior – an organization, which is at least 500.000 The total of 48 million Ukrainians. In addition, the electrical engineer has no experience in police work. His merits lie in the organization of mass protests during the past five years with the aim of pushing the then head of state Leonid Kuchma for the jerky. During the demonstrations in the environment of the prasidal elections at the end of 2004, he received the nickname for his simultaneously offensive and prudent tactics "Field Commander of the Orange Revolution".

In the circumstances, Lutzenko Oterter was the focus of the media because he always made it in his opposition years to place the voting electronics in VERCHOVNA RADA (Parliament) when Pro-Kutschma votes started. He led to the wink for qualifications, which he had acquired during his military service in a telecommunications department of the Soviet KGB.

The new Minister of Defense Anatoliy Hrytzenko is – unlike his transactions – no professional militar, but has so far been at the forefront of a Kiever Political Advisory Institute. With the occupation of the so-called Ministries ministries by civilians, Yushchenko relies clear signs – even for the above UDSSR succession states.

Matches against "Too much Tymoschenko"?

Ukrainian observers explain the strong prasence of the socialists in the Cabinet with the intention of Yushchenko, to hold his energetic prime minister from all-too radical steps and all too much powerful. Interior rare boss Lutzenko has already protected against the press "revolutionary path" from Tymoschenko his own "Evolutionary development" opposite. In addition, a kind of gentle fronds within the government could make the prasident of the dominant intermediary between the positions.

This trend will still be stomparged by the appointment of Jurij Bessertnyj to the Vice Premier for Administrative Reform. The former campaign manager Yushchenkos is heard after his new boss by mutual dislike. Already before his release in the new office, he made hints in the press, according to which Tymoschenko rely on the elections to Verchovna Rada in 2006 or at the latest in front of the premium elections 2009 the Yushchenko troupe to build himself as a candidate for the highest state office.

The Economic Block in Cabinet Take over Anatolij Kinach as the first vice-premier and Serhyj Terjochin as the Minister of Economic Affairs. Both of the economic knowledge and government experience. Kinach followed in April 2001 Yushchenko as a premier of the country and was added to Viktor Janukovich in 2002 .

Also in the radiation policy, experienced veterans determine the course, which becomes clearer than before at an integration of the country in "European structures" and also oriented in NATO. This becomes clear to the creation of the position of a vice-premier for European integration, the Oleh Rybatschuk takes over. Head of the Own Office became the old-sided career diplomat Bory Tarasjuk.

"The business does not stay in the opposition"

Observers in and outside Ukraine were surprised by the approval, the Julija Tymoschenko on 4. February in Parliament, Verchovna Rada, received. She could win 357 of the 450 deputies for himself, including many deputies of the Yanukovich-"Party of the regions". Such clear majorities had become rare in recent years. Only the parliamentary group did not want to accept the pronounced market economist.

For Iosyp Vinskyj From the Socialist Party, the approval of the former Janukovich aircraft in Rada is proof of its "Completely moral decline". These deputies had never represented a political program, but only the interests of Lobbies: "And the business does not stay in the opposition, but is looking for contact with the new rulers."

Social compensation financially financed by oligarch

Whether Yushchenko and his prime minister will be wrapped from the new rich, remains to be seen. Currently, active social policy is on the agenda of the Cabinet. So stop yushchenko in the decision to raise the monthly minimum deity to 285 grivans (40 euros). This was decided by the then Premier Viktor Janukovich in September 2004 – the suspicion that he wanted to influence the elections is not entirely to be denied.

Balance act inward and dub

Prime Minister Julija Tymoschenko on the cabinet session on the 16th. Febriar

Yushchenko also wants to enforce that the minimum wages and pensions should not be under the level of existence of 430 Grivna (60 euros). In addition, he wants to defend his compatriots for their savings, which were eaten in the post-Sosovy time by the former mega inflation. They should as state "Domestic debt" be acknowledged.

In addition, Ukrainian parents should be a one-time payment of 8 for each newborn child.500 Grivna (1.200 euros) received. Some Spotter already speak of an expected "Orange baby boom" Between Lviv / Lviv and Luhansk.

In view of the already chronically empty state funds, the question is entitled to come from where the funds to finance these programs. Yushchenko plans to use two sources, especially.

On the one hand, he wants to take the privatization winer in the duty – currently rummaged in Kiev, the government is creating a list "Dishonal privatizations". So the investor group is to be the oligarchs Viktor Pintschuk (at the same time Kutschma-Schiegersohn) and Rynat Achmetov another $ 500 million for the metallurgy giants of you in 2004 metallurgy giants Kryvorischstal "count" – or privatization is made again. At that time, the steelworks for $ 800 million had gone to Pintschuk and Achmetov, although Western as Russian interested parties had offered much more.

The second way to more state revenue has described Viktor Jushventso on the World Economic Forum in Davos:

Our goal is to urge the Ukrainian economy into a social and market-oriented system with stable growth. We have to do a series of steps. We have to eliminate the shadow concomity, which currently accounts for 55 percent of our economy. The taxes are lowered, but everyone will pay them. Privileges for a pair of the election will soon be eliminated.

The Prasident also made it clear that he would have any threat of a cleavage of parts of Ukraine with the whole hardness of the law. Easy to introduce the new governor in the former Janukovitsch-Hochburg Donetzk he described politicians who polemised in this direction as "ill", and fugge added: "Give every idea of a separation from the rest of the country – or prepare for a hard conflict!"

Ukrainian observers like Serhiy Harmash from the internet publication "Ostrov" In Donetzk explained, the regional politary elites were shocked by the clarity of the Yushchenko speech. But Harmash ames that the hard line of the head of state makes impression. The population of the Eastern Ukraine also have the nose full of political and commercial cabal at regional and local level.

EU in the dilemma

But Viktor Yushchenko does not just take the political accelerator within his country – he also takes the west into the duty. In Davos he explained unmistly:

My plan for the transformation of Ukraine is based on the fact that we achieve a strategic non-political goal: the membership in the European Union.

The coarse part of the EU member states is reserved to this intention. However, that Brussels of Ukraine must offer a clearer European option than before, but is also clear to the skeptics. A first step was the signing of a three-year action plan through representatives of the EU and Ukraine on 21. February. In essence, the plan includes support for market management reforms in Ukraine, for the accession of the country to the world trade organization and for the conclusion of a free trade agreement between Brussel and Kiev.

Prime Minister Julija Tymoschenko meanwhile shows that she not only has political talents. She looked up with a whole ridge of Cabinet members a Kiever ice stadium and pulled with her skates first careful, but energetic trains: "We want to prove that the new Ukrainian government is firmly on its own dockings."

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