Back to the roots

Back to the roots

Saarbrucken, 12. May 2014 – With comprehensive reforms, the ADAC wants to overwind its deep crisis and collect power for a restart. The Auto Club focuses primarily on a stricter separation between the club and its companies and more control of the. A personal new beginning posted the delegates of the ADAC on the Annual General Meeting on Saturday in Saarbrucken but as expected. InterimSprasident August MARKL is to finish the reform process.

"The crisis has guessed the ADAC. It has clearly showed us that we are still doing outstanding and important work in the core, but we still have to do new. Our common goal must be to indulge in the end, "said Markl. He is the backburning to the signature at the heart. This status must be obtained. For this it takes a demarcation to the economic activities without giving up them.

Delimitation to the economic activities

Increased the 197 delegates behind the plan of club management. Under the motto "Reform for Trust", concrete measures should be developed for the conversion of the nearly 19 million members to the conversion of nearly 19 million members to the Spatherbst in several workgroups. Probably on the 6. December is intended to decide an extraordinary general meeting in Munchen over the comprehensive reform package that could fundamentally urge the face of the club.

For example, the supervisory rate should be occupied as in the insurance subsidiary of the ADAC art with professionals from Aufen and not with volunteers. Companies and their offers will also need the ADAC in the future to maintain the "Quality of Member Services". However, the economic goals were recorded on a "meaningful MAB". "Member Orientation comes to the ADAC clearly before economic orientation," said Markl.

At the same time he asked for patience. "We will not reform the ADAC overnight."It will take many months for all questions been answered. "But we will answer you."The lobby work wants to resume the functionar. In political debates, the ADAC no longer wanted to interfere directly. If you want to reject projects such as the CSU-demanded motorway meter for foreigners, you will first ask the members.

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