Back to the ground: the new in may 2008

Back to the ground: the new in may 2008

Hannover, 10. June 2008 – It’s almost boring, even the crude people to acquire, the curve seems to know anyway only one direction. And still once again for Geniebe: At the end of 2006, the Barrel Rohol was $ 60, from the beginning of 2007, the Feverenurve strives almost continuously upwards, early June nearly $ 140 was reached. Really nervous made this circumstance in May the US customers, which, above all, dramatically absorber the domestic brands. No wonder that US managers like GMS Rick Wagoner are now openly acquiring, that you may have to separate from problem marks such as lobster, because the paragraph of heavy railing wagons in the USA is collapsed due to high consuming.

Still works well
The German manufacturers suffer from the development of the US market so far little, they could even gain a little little compared to the comparative period 2007. However, that Japanese brands even rose in the USA, but shows that the need for the American automotive industry also gives a little reason for cowy. Compared to their own sprayers, the Americans are German cars rather, but even more, they obviously trust the Japanese.

The German market is currently reacting lessly panicked, but 6.2 percent racy in May, in 2007, not only have a good start to the year so far, but also show a seasonal desire, which is untypical compared to previous years. This time, this time does not help the reference for her Easter or other crimetable holidays, with 275.259 vehicles sold was simply modest. No further response, however, showed the customers on the rising diesel prices, their share remained at 44.5 percent. However, this should not exchange it that it was already nearly 50 percent at the end of 2077. How the diesel sales continues in the long term remains exciting.

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