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The Rolling Stone dissociates itself from an initiation ribbon rape-up

At 19. November revealed the US edition of Rolling Stone a text of Sabrina Rubin Erdely, in which it is pronounced plastic, as seven connection students at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville during a party in the house of the student association Phi Kappa PSI one "Jackie" rape for three hours in the context of an initiation ritual for three hours.

Many readers came to the alleged factual report strange. Some of them – including the Washington Post Blogger T. Rees Shapiro – trailed the facts and stimulates at strangeness such as that on the day of rape in autumn 2012, according to Phi Kappa PSI, no event took place. In addition, in the entrance area of the connection house, it looks very different than that is described in the article – and there is no member to the description of the Licker and RapeSchorograph "Drew" would fit. From the actual rapists "Jackie" have not recognized anyone because it should have been too dark.

Erdely had supposedly therefore not checked because she has "Jackie" was asked to listen to the accused student connection. That the author considered it could be because she was followed by an agenda – this impression had another student interviewed by her. In a slate podcast, Erdely also reports on how to research in Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania the State University of Virginia Bound State University of Virginia "elitent" Student connections as perfect locality for their story about an alleged "Rape Culture" to US universities.

Author with agenda

Sabrina Erdely. Photo: Kellywritershouse. License: CC by 2.0.

The doubts in the history that Erdely could not decepted in evasive interviews, condensed himself so much that Anna Merlan, an author for the women’s portal Jezebel (initially the Reason Columnist Robby Soave because of its skepticism "Idiot" called) apologized and admitted that they "Dead Fucking Wrong" lay.

At the end of last week, the Rolling Stone himself distanced himself from the story – which brought them much more attention than before. Over this attention, not all US feminists are happy: Arielle Duhaime-Ross lamented in a contribution for the Vergge, which would probably fell to invented story that real victims of rape is less believed in rape. Hardcore ideologies such as Zerlina Maxwell, on the other hand, demanded an end to the presumption of innocence and launched the Twitter Hashtag #ibelieveJackie.

However, sacrifices are also the student connections to the University of Virginia, which the university conduction after the publication of the story leads all activities to all activities. Deputy UVA Student Advisor Nicole Eramo still received murder threats because they did not respond in a timely manner in a timely and sharp enough fanatics on the rape outlines. PHI Kappa PSI has to re-delete your mood and replace windows after unknown your connecting building.

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