“At the beginning of a total”

Syria’s opposition in the sauseward

Joseph Samaha was hardly surprised. Two days before the appearance of the youngest Brammerz report prophesied the Lebanese journalist, which was the report of the UN special principal Serge Brammerz to the murder of the former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri in February 2005: nothing.

"The whole will go to the reluctance for half a year or year and eventually land before an international court to study another four to five years", Samaha twitches in his juter Buro the armpits and retain quite. In its 30-page interim report – half as Dunn as of his process Detlev Mehlis – Brammerz reaches the result that Syria "As a general rule" Well cooperates and the conditions of UN Resolution 1636 thus – General – descending.

Otherwise, as a flour, whose finger tie clearly pointed to the Syrian and Lebanese intelligence service, for BrammerTz seems to be even hypothetically cliable. Time need the investigation, much more time. ERGO will be a year for a year. Time for Washington, for further steps against the meanwhile with Iran bonded "Rogue state" to think. And time for Damascus to continue to consolidate. And above all, to continue to attract domestically.

Arresting wave since "Damascus Beirut Declaration"

Already since last summer, the new ice age blows Syria’s dissidents, but since the 12. May, she guesses her literally in the face. With the imprint of the "Damascus Beirut Declaration" In Lebanese daily newspapers broke the coarse Syrian arrest wave since the end of the "Damascus spring" 2001.

In principle, the declaration requires the same as the UN Resolution 1680 adopted shortly thereafter: Syria recognition of Lebanon’s political (and economic) independence and the inclusion of diplomatic relations. As a shoulder between Syria / Lebanon and the West, the Ichruter Sociology Professor and Activist Fawaz Trabulsi wants to see the declaration interpreted. He himself was against the resolution, as he was against every foreign interference in the internal affairs of both countries. A clear, no ‘opposite to the West, which also has the petition text extracted – not least, because in 2006 is hardly so risky in the Arab region, like an affinity culupation against the West.

A risk of going out of the way, but most opponents slightly fallen: too blatant is the ignorance of the Bush administration, to figure the diplomacy of Europe, to a hair guilty the mistakes in Iraq, in Afghanistan and recently in the tone of the tone of the Iran and the Hamas, so the unanimous opinion.

Insist on Palastina and Golan

But not only what "the West" Since October 2001 in the region on the region, is as a sting in the meat. Unforgotten is also the "Nakba", The expulsion of the Palastinians and the Basic of the Israeli State 1948, sometimes referred to as the Arab Holocaust. So it does not surprise that the 274 Syrian and Lebanese signatories of the "Damascus Beirut Declaration" The liberation Palastinas and the Golan at the top on their agenda.

An indication that is not only necessary in terms of the opposite West of Israeli vorter rights violations with blindness, explores the journalist and signator Yassin Al-Haj Saleh. Also, the Syrian dictatorship does not help to get at least one’s own terrain occupied by Israel since 1967.

Noteworthy, the petition on Lebanese side no known political heads arrived, during the Syrian side, at least the names of Riad Al-Turk and Ali Sadreldin Al-Beyanouni, the driver of the Syrian Muslim Brother in London Exile, can be found. However, Al-Beyoununi’s signature has experienced any otherwise and foreign regime since a long time and thus loses at least peculiarity. As a work of intellectuals who were more concentrated as the fuhrers from parties to the formation of a civil society, Al-Haj Saleh also wants to understand the petition. Just she, the intellectuals, now collect the receipt – and with a vehemence that obviously nobody had expected.

Main thing: Fear Saten

Started with Michel Kilo, just. Although the former communist has always criticized the dictatorship, but never around the price of their exchange against a US lead, which he brings to the. Why the moderate, patriotic kilo was first ordered from the secret service, is therefore many a council. Probably because he is one of the architects of the "declaration" pays, mutmabt the journalist Hussein Al-Awedat. Same applies but also for him, nevertheless no one is approached to him so far. By contrast, a dozen less active signatories, with different political or. Ethnic orientation and from different Syrian provinces.

A colorful riding, whose prominent counterweight is at kilo of human rights lawyer Anwar Al-Bunni. Unlike kilos, he should be less transposed to a foreign intervention, aming they are not military nature. Al-AWEDAT indicates the arrest shaft as "Embassy of omnipacy" of the intelligence service to opponents of any coulet. "You want to stifle any movement in the country and completely isolate the Syrian opposition from abroad. Your opposite maws are the beginning of a total summer", Al-Haj Saleh is safe, which landed 19-year-old because of membership in a communist movement for 16 years behind bars, of which one year in the involved "Tadmur"-Jail. Who survived that overlooks everything, Al-Haj Saleh’s ovulation seems and so he publishes it undermatantly in Lebanon’s daily press.

Indeed "Fear food" As is known a lot on: Riad Al-Seif, who is his commitment in "Damascus spring" With FUNF years had to pay for imprisonment and was not released in January this year, there are currently no interviews. The secret service had visited him. Maamoun al-Hominsi, suffering from Al-Seif and another icon of the "Damascus spring" Rei love Syria recently towards Jordan. He starts a juvening for the time being.

The Syrian journalist Muhammad Ali Al-Atassi no longer overflows the Lebanese-Syrian border for months, as the Syrian secret service has ordered him to be presented at every entry and exit. A whereabouts in Lebanon alone, however, is still no hedging: Also on this side of the border of fear of Syria critic since the deadlines, among other things, on the journalists Samir Qassir and Jebran Tueni in 2005 for their lives. Single Habib Sadek, Prasident of the Center for Sudlibanese Culture in Beirut and another architect of "Damascus Beirut Declaration" Discovered positives: "With its arrest and repression wave Syria’s state security of our ‘declaration’ has awarded an international weight that she had hardly received." His word in Europe’s obedience.

In any case, Joseph Samaha is no wishful thinking: "The West is busy with Iran and Hamas, which in turn, shaky regime Saudi Arabia and Egypt want to prevent a fire stove in Syria at any price. In short: International prere on Syria has subsided – without prere, no development. Everything goes on how had had." Only the difference that for Syria critics is getting worse.

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