Association: “no state aid for dividend paying car members”

Association: 'No state aid for dividend paying car members'

The Federal Environment Association and the Roof Association of Critical Commercials Request a waiver of dividend payments to shareholders, if you require buying programs or other help from the state. The demands of the corporations according to state aids are "absolutely inappropriate", won it on Friday (8. May 2020) in a joint communication.

"Privatize profits and socialize"

"Profits privatizing and socializing risks, that is the plan of autocondiscerns," said federal transport expert Jens Hilgenberg, which is also a member of the Executive Board in the umbrella organization of the critical shareholders. "Now the Federal Government is required not to allow this urgency. There must be: no state aid for dividends paying corporations."Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW wanted to participate in the financially successful year 2019 with a total of 5.8 billion euros dividend.

The control funds, which are currently limited in the Corona crisis, had to pay mainly such companies that could not form coarse financial backlings, called Hilgenberg. "This affects, above all, small businesses and the middle class, which are threatened in many cases in existence."Also" coarse bonuses for board members "are not appropriate in the current situation and had to be proclaimed.

In a lightning survey of Thursday, the 7. May spoke a majority under 1000 random burgers against a pram.

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