Arm remains arm and arm remains stupid?

US scientist: poverty is poison for the cheerful brain

Poverty damages the brain of toddlers. These found American neurologists who presented their work in Boston in Boston in Boston.

According to researchers, which are allegedly underpinned by studies of several universities, an increased dose of stress hormones can lead to observable development scenes in the brain of toddlers between 6 months and three years. Children growing up in very poor ratios are more exposed to such stress hormones than others.

Like Martha Farah, specialist for connections between neuronal development and sociooconomic status, explained the strongest impact on language-migrant and thought performance. Precisely what the idea is concerned, one had been surprised by the degree of impact Bose. The ability to recognize patterns, was quite impaired.

In the discussion on the role of genes for intelligence, one does not forget the enormous role that the environment for the development of intelligence games warns Harvard Professor Jack Shonkoff:

"Genes May Fix Your Eye Color, But Not Your Intelligence, Competence, and Social Well-Being."

According to Shonkoff, children have with a high sociooconomic status (based on the American mabboat "SES") At the age of three years already a nearly triple coarse vocabulary as children from very poor conditions. According to his research, children from these ratios are more than the others "toxic stress" exposed. High doses of stress hormones were inhibited the construction of important synapses and thus the "Architecture of the brain" damage.

In contrast, investigations of Neuologists of the University of Oregon, that state support programs for parents "with weak sociooconomic background" demonstrably help. Children whose parents got communication training showed against a control group, significantly improved skills in language acquisition and thought.

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