Apple: teamed macos big sur 11.0.1 and an update for certain iphones

Apple: Teamed Macos Big Sur 11.0.1 and an update for certain iPhones

Bugfixes make it apparently necessary: For Mac and iPhone are again available for download and over the series of operating system updates – but only for certain machines. So Apple has the current MacOS version Big Sur 11.0.1 re-published. Instead of the previous build variant 20B29, she now carries the number 20B50.

Two start versions for Intel and Arm Macs

Currently is not clear which changes there are. The fresh build seems to emerge only with those users who have not yet on Macos 11.0.1 updated. These are either Intel-Mac users who are still working with Macos Catalina or early operating systems – or users with arm Macs who have just unpacked their machine and have not yet updated yet.

During Intel Macs Macos 11.0.1 The first official version of Big Sur was, the M1 machines come standard with MacOS 11.0, so a update must be on Macos 11.0.1 undergo. This week, it became known that Big Sur on Arm Macs makes a regular reinstallation impossible – whether the new build of this problem is lost, is still unclear so far.

Certain iPhones get an update

Furthermore, IOS 14 is available.2.1, which in turn is only offered for iPhone 12, 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro and 12 per max. Ancient iPhones stay at iOS 14.2. Apple delivers a leaflet with which three errors will be described to fix the update. For example, MMS messages should now be received normally on the current iPhones that sometimes did not arrive so far. Whether a problem with a missing SMS signaling was fixed, Apple does not write – it is hoping.

Furthermore, Horgerate should "Made for iPhone"-Certification now deliver normal sound quality from the smartphone – here there was sometimes massive disturbances to loud tons. Furthermore, Apple writes to have resolved a lockscreen problem with the iPhone 12 Mini. Here, the screen in the locked state sometimes did not react like it – that concerns beside the wiping up the activation of the flashlight and camera icons. OB iOS 14.2.1 Also safety-relevant fixes containing, is unclear – on Apple’s information page to resolve security swagen, no info has been listed so far.

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