Apple superspire podcast service scout fm

Apple superspire podcast service scout FM

Apple has broken up the software manufacturer Scout FM. This saved an Apple spokesman against the US business service Bloomberg. Details like a transactionMME have not been known.

All platforms now offline

Scout FM has recently listed in the form of an iPhone app, but also at Apple’s Auto Infotainment System CarPlay, on Android and Amazon-Alexa rates as well as in the web browser so-called podcast stations. The thematically curated and allegedly based on Ki-algorithms offered offers should make the finding and fence of podcasts as easy as the handling of radio stations. All platforms are now offline.

Industry observers ame that Apple is currently busy to record the service in its own offers. Whether he will rise in Apple’s Podcasts app or rather in the abo offer Apple Music, with which the iPhone manufacturer has been trying for years to recruit customers at the industry sprimus Spotify, is open.

From autumn, Apple offers under the name "One" Different subscription flatrates on music, film and serial content, play, cloud storage space from 15 euros. In the US, there is on top of that fitness and news and magazine content for $ 30 monthly. The service shaft is now a rough part of the Apple sales.

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