Apple’s unusual cebit appearance

The latest trends in the back room

The George and Martin can already do a little suffering. For weeks they were able to spread success reports, unavailable new sales records were unavailable, had ever been able to admit due to the enormous demand delivery passage, but somehow it went with their company after years of standstill or even rude uphill.

Meanwhile, the new colorful Apple computers, for which the George and the Martin do Namile Pr-Work, immerse themselves in almost every commercial and should probably signal that man who has just bought a new shelving system at IKEA or who After work with salty crackers in party mood brings, so modern is that he’s natural at home an iMac. And even in an actually quite Schnode agency message, it is called for new translucent CD-RS that these writable CDs now also "In the colors of Apple’s iMac" (So: Tranzluzent) Give.

Everything in the best order, you should mean. And on the world-growing computer fair, Apple will definitely show pride flag, present its latest products, such as the finishing operating system MacOS X or the new iBook "in subtle graphite". This was meaning, one should mean, just as CeBIT is also and above all a coarse media event that the company Apple could use for advertising.

But puffie cake. The gross guru in the far America and the land of the company, Steve Jobs, has decided differently. And therefore, his local manager Peter Dewald did not remain any other abundant than the news agency AP to say why Apple did not come to the Hanover trade fair: "The CeBIT is a supermass, but very wide scattered". And one believes a report of the magazine Macwelt, then Apple will even reduce its trade fair priority in Germany in Germany in the coming year.

This is called Andreas Borchert, the editor-in-chief of the journal, although "a dangerous game", And in Magicvillage, the small Gallic village of German Apple freaks on the net, there are still different and far more drastic word about this strange marketing strategy.

But for the Gluck there’s the Georg and the Martin. And the two wrote their "Colleagues, colleagues" From the press in the company an e-mail: "At this year CeBIT, the topic design and color will play a role in computers, not least because Apple has successfully set a trend here, which consequences. Even though Apple is not represented with a ‘Powerpark’ at CeBIT this year, at least the PR team of Apple will be on site. In our Apple Pressburo we show you the latest trends."

And when we read that, we have Georg Albrecht, Apple-PR boss, and Martin Kuderna, cooperative agency boss, quickly sent an e-mail and suggested the two of them to set up their Pressburo right in the back room of our root pub: This is definitely cheaper, as a place even central and the beer costs there less than on the CeBIT. – An answer was not until today. Probably Steve Jobs must first check our offer highly. (If you visit the Georg and Martin or see the latest trends: CeBIT Hall 9, Room 162)

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