Apple blows how third-party providers can use the u1 chip

Apple blows how third-party providers can use the U1 chip

Apple has informed possible partners about how to make your hardware compatible with Ultra-Wideband technology that the Group already used in current iPhones, Apple Watch, the AIRTAG or the Homepod Mini. There is also a first draft specification for implementation as well as the approved components.

Draft specs and invitation to chipset manufacturer

Under the headline "Nearby Interactions With U1" Does the group summarize the details. He has the necessary framework "Nearby Interaction Framework" baptized. The framework allows for art apps to interact directly with advantages with U1-chip – as well as other UWB advice, which should come from third-party providers. Apple currently sets the ultra-width technique only sporadically – for example, for simplified exchange of files via airdrop, the transfer of songs from the iPhone to a homepod mini or – probably most spectacular – the finding of airtags (almost) centimeters exactly with the overwork "Where is?"-App.

The draft specification could make it possible to make companies on the art of making UWB hardware, which are similar to AIRTAGs and offer the precision location. Apple calls for chipset manufacturers to develop a UWB solution, which then part of the "Made for I"-Program was.

Apple wants open standard

Apple had already announced that an open standard is in his interest. In cooperation with a non-listed consortium, make sure that the U1 chip "Compliant to open industry standards" Behalt, bothered it in May. Apple is working to ensure the interoperability with a wide selection of different products".

This also has something to do with the fact that the Group is currently under acute prere of the competitive hier. So the Bluetooth tracker provider demands Tile from politics, Apple "Market abuse" regulate. It’s already possible, hardware for Apple "Where is?"-Make network. Tile does not explicitly do that yet.

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